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Birth, Marriage, Death Indexes[edit | edit source]

Q: How complete are the indexes?
A: "Complete" is an interesting word. For example, all but 28 counties are included in the {Births and Christenings Index, 1824-1940. The years included vary, however, for those counties which are in the index.
Best practice: Search all available indexes. If you find the person, that index was complete enough. If you don't find the person, try a different spelling. Indexers do have difficulty reading some names.
Q: If I don't find the person in an index, how else can I find the information?
A: Many records will be mentioned on the county pages of this wiki under Vital Records. Also search library catalogs and IRAD holdings (Illinois Regional Archives Depository System) for the counties.

Census[edit | edit source]

Q: Do any state censuses exist for Illinois, or are there only Federal censuses?
A: Yes, several state censuses were taken by Illinois, usually between Federal census years. Click for a list of State, territorial, and colonial censuses, several of which are online.

Migration[edit | edit source]

Q: How can I find out how my people came to Illinois?
A: The article Illinois Migration Routes lists canals, waterways, and trails to and through Illinois.

Military[edit | edit source]

Q: Were there any soldiers in the Revolutionary War (1776-1783) from Illinois?
A: No, since Illinois was not created until many years later. However, many veterans and pensioners from the War settled in Illinois.
See Illinois Military Records
Q: In the Civil War, did anyone from Illinois serve in the Confederacy?
A: There were no official Confederate units raised in Illinois. Those who wished to serve in the Confederacy joined in Missouri, Kentucky, and perhaps Arkansas and Tennessee.
Don't miss Illinois in the Civil War for lists of regiments, rosters and more.