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The Family History Research Wikli home page[edit source]

This is confusing. You have 2 "New to the Wiki" statements (in the "chick" box & in the getting started box (left column), which take you to different places. And they are very similar to the "New to the Research Wiki" in the top left box, which takes you to the same place as Getting Started New to the Wiki link does.

Also, when you click on the chick box, "how to use the wiki" you go to the "Help: Wiki Help" page. The "Wiki Help" tab is confusing, because all but 1 of the 8 topics are about contributing/editing the wiki. This should be made clear--perhaps changing the "how to use the wiki" to "how to contribute to the wiki" and move the Browsing the Wiki and most of its content to something like "Searching the Wiki" And is it reasonable that someone who is "new" to the wiki is interested or capable of contributing to the wiki? 

As I stated on a previous page, the organization of the wiki will drive a novice researcher crazy. Clearly delineate the content that will help a researcher (especially neophytes) find information that will help them grow their branch of the family tree. And then put the information that is directed to those who want to contribute, edit, and administer the wiki into a box labeled Contributing to the wiki. 

MAKE IT VERY CLEAR that there are TWO SEPARATE UNRELATED THEMES/PURPOSES in/for the wiki Ken Knight 01:44, 18 February 2015 (UTC)

I have eliminated one link on the right side bar and made the other one go to the same page. This main page is being reworked, so more changes will be made over time. Thanks for your suggestion User:Giuseppemartinengo  19 February 2015

Duplicate links on this page[edit source]

The item called Resources and Lists is linked to the same place as the link right above it called User Page and Preferences. Item Resources and Lists should be linked to actual Resources and Lists that are helpful. Being a duplicate link is not helpful. Otherwise it should be removed. Sabwoo 18:09, 31 May 2015 (UTC)

Rather than wait for an answer, I did some searching and found that the page called Wiki Help is nearly duplicated by the page called Contributor Help. In fact the page Contributor Help has more links to more stuff. The page Wiki Help should really be merged with Contributor Help. So I copied the link for the Resources and Lists from the page Contributor Help and pasted it into the page Wiki Help. It worked nicely. Don't know why this worked, but it fixed the problem. Sabwoo 19:03, 31 May 2015 (UTC)