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Here are the issues that are on each of the problem pages:[edit | edit source]

Problem Issue
  • Infobox top of page - missing closing tags }}
  • Last table at bottom of page - missing beginning table tag {|
  • Vital Records, Marriages 1805 - 2002 - External link to missing space and name of this external link along with closing square bracket. Should look like this: []
  • Vital Records-Deaths-1834-1910 no space in external link for, there is only a number one inside square brackets.
  • Top table - missing pipe between style attributes and internal link in cell.
  • Parent County - missing pipe in internal link for Macon County.
  • Marriages - missing space and name for external link.
  • Parent County - Red link - missing pipe for this internal link between name of page and page title.
  • First table at bottom of page - missing beginning pipe for first cell.
  • SEO - bold text - missing end bold ''' tags
  • Church - space between template and edge of page
  • County Information - extra equal sign in heading
  • Civil War Battle - missing end </ref>
  • Places/Localities - Asterisk for Kirksville internal link not on separate line.
  • Marriages - external link mark 1 inside of square brackets - missing space between URL and name
  • First table too wide.
  • Record Loss - html external link instead of wikitext external link.
  • Maps - External link is not a wikitext external link
  • Maps - Image of map needs reducing.
  • All tables are missing closing table tags.