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Probate records for FHL Collection Hardanger and Voss, 1695-1881 judicial districts in Hordaland county. The probate records usually contain the date of the probate, name of the deceased, names of heirs, guardians and trustees, inventory lists, land and holdings, and other miscellaneous information.

They include these places:

  • Røldal
  • Odda
  • Ullensvang
  • Kinsarvik
  • Kvam
  • Strandebarm
  • Varaldsøy
  • Jondal
  • Evanger
  • Vossestrand
  • Voss
  • Granvin

Although the farms in the following lists belong to other judicial districts, all the farms in Rosendal and Lysekloster estates were found in Hardanger og Voss court district until 1 Jan 1853.

These farm lists were extracted from the probate index for Hardanger and Voss probate district (Skifteregister for Hardanger og Voss). The complete index for Hardanger and Voss probate district is online at Digitalarkivet.

Changes in Locality Names and Juridiction Boundaries within Hardanger og Voss Judicial District[edit | edit source]

  • Granvin (Graven) changed to Ulvik in 1858. In 1893 it was divided into Ulvik and Granvin. Sæbø and Oppeim were in Lysekloster Estate until 1856. Five farms were in Rosendal Estate until 1856.
  • Jondal did not change during this time period. Four farms belonged to Lysekloster Estate until 1856.
  • Kinsarvik changed its name to Ullensvang in 1869. In 1893 it was divided into Røldal and Ullensvang. Eighteen farms belonged to Rosendal Estate until 1856.
  • Røldal was called Ullensvang 1869 to 1893.
  • Vangen in 1773 included farms from Oppheim parish. Earlier they belonged to Ytre Sign probate district. In 1868 Vangen judicial district was divided into Vangen and Vossestrand. In 1886 Vangen's name was changed to Voss.
  • Vatsværn was added in 1773 to Nordhordaland judicial district. Then in 1867, now with the name Evanger, it was again put in Hardanger og Voss judicial district.
  • Øystesø name was changed to Vikør in 1857 and then to Kvam in 1911. Twelve farms belonged to Rosendal Estate until 1856.

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