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Tribal Headquarters[edit | edit source]

Goshute Indian Tribe

P.O. Box 6104
195 Tribal Center Road
Ibapah, Utah 84034
Phone: 1.435.234.1138
Fzx: 1.435.234.1162

History[edit | edit source]

There are two federally recognized tribes; the Confederated Tribes of Goshute Reservation and theSkull Valley Band of Goshute Indians of Utah.

Brief Timeline[edit | edit source]

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  • 1776: First European contact
  • 1847:The Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons) arrive in Salt Lake Valley
  • 1850-1860: Conflict with settlers
  • 1863: October 12, Treaty of Tooele Valley,
  • 1912: Skull Valley Reservation established (17,920 acres)
  • 1917: Skull Valley Reservation expanded by 640 acres
  • 1934: Goshute Reservation on the Utah-Nevada border established (Goshute, Paiute and Bannock)
  • 1940: Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation
  • 1996: Tribal enrollment 111

Additional References to the History of the Tribe and/or Band[edit | edit source]

Frederick Webb Hodge, in his Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, gave a more complete history of the Goshute tribe, with estimations of the population of the tribe at various time periods.

Reservations[edit | edit source]

Bureau of Indian Affairs Jurisdictions[edit | edit source]

Agencies[edit | edit source]

The following Agencies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs had jurisdiction over all or part of the Goshute Indians for the years indicated:

Superintendencies[edit | edit source]

Records[edit | edit source]

The majority of records of individuals were those created by the agencies. Some records may be available to tribal members through the tribal headquarters.They were (and are) the local office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and were charged with maintaining records of the activities of those under their responsibility. Among these records are:

Census Records[edit | edit source]

Roll 167: Goshute (Goshute, Shoshoni, Paiute, Kanosh, and Pahvant Indians), 1917-23 FHL film 576856

Roll 199: Kaibab (Paiute and Goshute Indians), 1910-1919, 1921-27 FHL film 576888

Roll 330: Paiute (Paiute, Goshute, and Ute Indians), 1925-31 FHL film 579740

Roll 331: Paiute(Paiute, Goshute, and Ute Indians), 1932-33 FHL film579741

Roll 332: Paiute (Paiute, Goshute, and Ute Indians), 1934-35 FHL film 579742

Roll 333: Paiute (Paiute, Goshute, and Ute Indians), 1936-37 FHL film 579743

Roll 334: Paiute (Paiute, Goshute, and Ute Indians), 1938-39 FHL film 579744

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