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In colonial Louisiana, St Charles and St John Baptist parishes are called the First and Second German Coast, respectively.

The German Coast was a region of early Louisiana settlement located above New Orleans on the Mississippi River — specifically, in St. John the Baptist and St. Charles parishes of present-day Acadiana. It's name dervies from the large population of German pioneers, who were settled in 1721 by John Law, and the Company of the Indies. When the company folded in 1731, the Germans became independant land-owners.

Most of the German Coast settlers hailed from the Rhineland region of Germany and the German-speaking cantons, and at other places today bearing their name, Bayou des Allemands and Lake des Allemands ("Germans Bayou" and "Germans Lake," in French). However these areas were not solely settled by people from Germany or Acadia, in fact many of the "Germans" came from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France and some from Switzerland and Belgium.

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