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Finns, Sami, Roma, Russian, Jews and Tatars are some ethnic groups with long history in Finland.

Finn may refer to all those who live in Finland, but Finn also refer to specific groups such as Baltic Finns. For more information about Finns see Finns

The Sami are related to Finns. They are also known as Lapps or Laplanders. At one time they lived in many parts of Finland, but as a nomadic people they moved northward into Lapland as the population of Finns spread across the country. By the 16th Century most Sami lived in the north. There the Sami hunted, fished and practiced slash and burn agriculture. They also were fur trappers, sheep and reindeer herders. For more information see Sami People

The Roma may also be known as Gypsies. They have been in Finland since the 16th century. Over the years of living in Finland the Roma have experienced periodic harassment. Their unique customs and dress set them apart from their Finnish counterparts. Roma lived throughout Finland. For more information see Romani People

Russians first came to Finland when the country was a grand duchy of Russia between 1809 and 1917. For more information see Russians in Finland

Few Jews lived in Finland during the time of Swedish rule. Those who were in Finland were only allowed to live in certain areas. When Finland was a grand duchy of Russia more Jews chose Finland as their home. Many of those who did so had been part of the tsarist army. For more information see Jews in Finland

The Tatars immigrated to Finland in the mid-19th century from Russia. Over the years they have kept their Islamic religion, language and ethnic culture. For more information see Finnish Tatars