Finland: A Case Study Using HisKi and Digitized Online Church Records

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Johanna Jacobsdotter was born December 14th in Finland.
Find the name of the small place where Johanna was born in Finland; and the names of her parents.
Use HisKi.

  • Pomarkku Parish; Johanna was born in Riutta Village.
  • Her father was Jakola nbg. Jac: Jac:ss:.
  • Her mother was Hedv: Joh: dr:
  • Other information: Christening 15 December 1807; mother’s age 23 years.

HiSki example.png

Confirm HisKi information of Johanna’s birth in original records. Do you learn any additional information?
Use Digihakemisto.

  • Jacola nybyygaren Jacob Jacobsson; Hedvig Johansdotter are the names of Johanna’s parents.
  • Other information in HisKi is confirmed.
  • Witnesses are also listed as well as the christening minister.

Pomarkku Parish, Syntyneet ja kastetut, 1807, page 30, Image 17.

Finnish christening.png

(During this year Finland was ceded to the Russian Empire). Who were the members of Johanna’s family two years after her birth? Search the communion books.
Use Digihakemisto.

  • Johanna was the only child listed to her parents during this period of time.
  • Her father is designated as a torpare.
  • The birthdates of Johanna’s parents are given; Jacob Jacobsson 24 November 1782; Hedvig Johansdotter 10 June 1784.
  • The village location is given as Längelmäki or Rjutta.

Pomarkku Parish, Rippikirjat, 1809, page 128, Digihakemisto image 133
Finnish Communion.png
Enlarged birth dates:
Finnish Communion 2.png

What were changes in the household during these years? Continue to search the communion books.
Use Digihakemisto.

Nybygg Jacob Jacobsson and Hedvig Johansdotter added three children to the family in addition to Johanna:

  • Jacob Jacobsson, born 17 July 1810; died 6 March 1812.
  • Matths Jacobsson, born 5 September 1811;
  • Juliana Jacobsdotter, born.18 November 1814.
  • Jacob Jacobsson’s mother, Juliana Michelsdotter, and Juliana’s son, Isaac Jacobsson, and daughter, Anna Maria Jacobsdotter, also live in the household. Birth dates are given for these individuals. The death date of Juliana is listed.

Pomarkku Parish, Rippikirjat, 1810-1816, page 84, Digihakemisto image 93

Finnish Communion 3.png

Finnish communion 4.png

How old was son Jacob Jacobsson when he died? When was his burial? Search for the original death/burial record.
Use Digihakemisto.

Jacob was 1 year, 7 months, and 19 days old when he died. His death date is confirmed as March 6, 1812 and his burial was March 8, 1812.

Pomarkku Parish, Kuolleet ja haudatut, 1804-1873, page 12, Digihakemisto image 7

Finnish death.png

The size of Johanna’s family has increased during these years. Two sisters of Johanna die. What are their names and their death dates? Continue to search the communion books for every record of the family.
Use Digihakemisto.

Their names are:

  • Juliana, death 13 May 1818; and
  • Maja, death 5 June 1818,

Pomarkku Parish, Rippikirjat, 1817-1832, page 127, Digihakemisto image 130 Center part of record omitted. Finnish communion 8.png

Something changes for Johanna during the above years. What is it? Continue to search the communion books for every record of the family.
Use Digihakemisto.

  • Marriage banns are announced.
  • Johanna moves to Mattila.

Pomarkku Parish, Rippikirjat, 1817-1832, page 128, Digihakemisto image 131
Finnish Communion 9.png

Who did Johanna marry? What was the date of their marriage? Search for the original marriage record.
Use Digihakemisto.

  • Johanna marries Land Bonden Michel Mathsson Mattila.
  • They married 10 June 1827.

Pomarkku Parish, Vihityt, 1804-1873, page 28, Digihakemisto image 15 Finnish marriage.png