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WA: to do[edit source]

  • fix the WAChurch Intro template
  • Court records template?
  • Team, WA experts: Japanese Interment: if these can't be made to go to the county, what shall we do? What's best for the users?
  • Guardianship template? No, since it has a link to another county heading.
  • Rework Land Intro template?
  • Natz and citizenship area -- needs to be adapted to the county or put on state page and a natz template posted to county.
  • Newspapers area: the FHL link is just to the general catalog. Remove, and add chronicling America link for the county
  • Obituaries - add a segment similar to Utah's
  • Divorce template?
  • Death: Can Washington Death certifs be adapted to the county? Shall we do this like Utah? Also, the FamilySearch Record Search link does not even go to the State. Let's remove it here, and put under Websites, similar to how it was done in Utah.
  • Libraries task
  • Use wpd template for those towns and communities links.

email sent to Joy, 8/20/2013: There are some things that need to be adapted, so anyone using them won't get too confused:

  • Put a note above "dates of major county records chart" that lets people know the dates have not yet been adapted to this county. (Of course, Okanogan is good.) Claudia will do.
  • Change the link for Historical County boundaries to the current county. They all go to Okanogan (except I changed Kittitas). Claudia will do
  • Under History Timeline, change that same link to Historical County boundaries. Bo and Joy
  • Concerned about the citation we have under the History timeline, since it has not been adapted to the current county. Shall we take that whole paragraph off, or just the citation part, then have someone add it as a task? Bo and Joy will do
  • Do we want a comment under the map that used to be so big? Claudia will do.
  • Change Family History Centers (heading only) to FamilySearch Centers. Checking with Charles King.

Boundary Change links and History Timeline[edit source]

  • Boundary change links and History timeline prep. Done by Wyzer17 and Gbo17
See Discussion page for instructions that never made it to an actual project page.

Easy. 1) Copy the text, 2) use Wikitext when pasting, and 3) change the county name.

Step 1A. Copy the following immediately below the Boundary Changes heading on each county, then adapt ADAMS to the current county. This link gives a timeline of boundary changes for the county, and will be valuable to users.
[ Historical County Boundaries] from Newberry Library<ref>John H. Long, ''Atlas of Historical County Boundaries'' (Chicago: Newberry Library, 2006) [ online].</ref><br><br>
Step 1B. Copy and adapt the same link immediately below the "History Timeline" heading on each county.

Step 2. Copy the following below the link adapted in Step 1B, then adapt the essay #, author and county from History Link for Washington counties. This sets up that section so someone else can actually create the history timeline for that county.
Emphasis for this timeline is on events that affected migration, records, or record-keeping. Unless otherwise mentioned, the events below were gleaned from Wilma, David. ''Okanogan County -- Thumbnail History'', [ History] Essay 7608.