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Present:Cottroll, Warren Jones, Janell Vasquez,  Lynda Avery, Sandra Pond, Judy, Mark Summerhays, Don Stingham, Frances Jenson



Consider the benefits of implementing InstantCommons. See Manual:$wgForeignFileRepos for more details. --Steve (talk | contribs) 11:19, 29 July 2011 (UTC)

Use as is used on WIkiCommons on Wikipedia.  This would allow us  to use, the Commons site. more easily.  Only reason this was not use before was resources. We would need to use in the other languages etc.  All old items would not be effected. Concern about our own image rights: clean up to the Common Quality.  Check on answer if we have to have the same standard as the Commons.  We could have people down load to our files  with out any problem.  Instant Commons will connect to the Common site.  It is more involved then an extension.  Media would be able to use a copy from the Commons. Concern as we grow will this cause problems.  Legal and info structure problems. Would allow us to pull from Common but would have our own seperate file of uploads also.  No legal problems with the Commons and with our file.  It is already on the list but need to inform them aboutthe instant Commons tool.  File:LiveUSB Instal - logo.png   This is not any different then the regular upload.  Just need to install the connection.  Needs both regular approval and legal approval. We can add a way to review to this process. Possibly category review.  Did the request get added to the group to approve this. They have Four different lists for seperate reasons on the backload. Would like to have  backload list for this month. 

FHL Template repaired and the discussion page shows what was done. URL change. The URL now works. No repair on the template but it now works.  Can we commuicate with the people that are changing the URL so they will know what their changes are doing in the system.  Very possible that the changes will chages all links using the FHL template.  Search link in the URL of FHL is one that is a problem now.

Would like for the FHL Template to link to Place Name.  Still looking at this could bring it to attention of the team.