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Task Description[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Church Units and their boundaries[edit | edit source]

List Church units and boundaries (again from Jenson's)

  • Please use bullets, even if there is only one unit.
    • In some places, like Payson, there may be several wards or branches.
    • In others, such as Adamsville, there will be only one in that place as of 1941.
    • In places like Frisco, where the ward or branch was dissolved before 1941, Jenson's usually identifies the new ward or branch members were assigned to.

Step 2: Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • Create a timeline with the year first, and in year order so users can quickly jump to the time period that affects their ancestors.
    • If there is an event with a beginning and ending date, be sure the ending date is also on the timeline. Fake example: If Jenson's says, "the Silver Lode mine operated from 1878-1930. Situated 35 miles NW of Hoquiam, miners (some of them Latter-day Saints) came to this area. By 1888, members requested a branch or at least a sunday school, due to the distance. A sunday school was established immediately, although the Silver Lode Branch was not created until 1900. The mine closed in 1930, causing miners to relocate. The ward was dissolved in 1931 and members who stayed became affiliated with Hoquiam Ward.
      • 1878. Silver Lode Mine opened 35 miles NW of Hoquiam.
      • 1888. A sunday school was established.
      • 1900. Silver Lode Branch was established.
      • 1930. Silver Lode Mine shut down, causing members to relocate.
      • 1931. Silver Lode Ward was dissolved. Members became affiliated with the Hoquiam Ward.
  • When finished, erase the tip that tells people to go to Jenson's if there is no timeline. Now that you added one, they don't need the tip.

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