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District of Aveiro[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Águeda Lauren Wake 22 August 2017
Albergaria-a-Velha Sylvie Pysnak 30 October 2017
Anadia Sylvie Pysnak 30 October 2017
Arouca Pysnaks (talk) Pysnaks (talk) 17:34, 1 November 2017 (UTC)
Aveiro Pysnaks (talk) Pysnaks (talk) 22:09, 6 November 2017 (UTC)
Castelo de Paiva Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) ALREADY DONE
Espinho Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) ALREADY DONE
Estarreja Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE
Ílhavo Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) ALREADY DONE
Mealhada Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE
Murtosa Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE
Oliveira de Azeméis Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE
Oliveira do Bairro Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) ALREADY DONE
Ovar Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE
Santa Maria da Feira Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE
São João da Madeira Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) Done
Sever do Vouga Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE
Vagos Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) ALREADY DONE
Vale de Cambra Blrhoads/Wiki Support Team (talk) DONE

Region of Azores[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
São Miguel Blrhoads 11/15/17
Terceira Blrhoads 11/15/17
Faial Blrhoads 11/15/17
Pico Blrhoads 11/15/17
São Jorge Blrhoads 11/15/17
Santa Maria Blrhoads 11/15/17
Graciosa Blrhoads 11/15/17
Flores Blrhoads 11/15/17
Corvo Blrhoads 11/11/17

District of Beja[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Aljustrel Blrhoads Already Done
Almodôvar Blrhoads Already Done
Alvito Blrhoads Already Done
Barrancos Blrhoads Already Done
Beja Blrhoads Already Done
Castro Verde Blrhoads Already Done
Cuba Blrhoads Already Done
Ferreira do Alentejo Blrhoads Already Done
Mértola Blrhoads Already Done
Moura Blrhoads Already Done
Odemira Blrhoads Already Done
Ourique Blrhoads Already Done
Serpa Blrhoads Already Done
Vidigueira Blrhoads Already Done

District of Braga[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Amares LaurieAlder (talk) DONE
Barcelos Already Done
Braga Already Done
Cabeceiras de Basto Already Done
Celorico de Basto Already Done
Esposende Already Done
Fafe Already Done
Guimarães Already Done
Póvoa de Lanhoso Already Done
Terras de Bouro Already Done
Vieira do Minho Already Done
Vila Nova de Famalicão Already Done
Vila Verde Already Done
Vizela Already Done

District of Bragança[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Alfândega da Fé Already Done
Bragança Already Done
Carrazeda de Ansiães Already Done
Freixo de Espada à Cinta Already Done
Macedo de Cavaleiros Already Done
Miranda do Douro Already Done
Mirandela Already Done
Mogadouro Already Done
Moncorvo Already Done
Vila Flor Already Done
Vimioso Already Done
Vinhais Already Done

District of Castelo Branco[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Belmonte Blrhoads 11/8/17
Castelo Branco Blrhoads 11/8/17
Fundão Blrhoads 11/8/17
Idanha-a-Nova Blrhoads 11/8/17
Oleiros Blrhoads DONE
Penamacor Blrhoads 11/8/17
Proença-a-Nova Blrhoads 11/8/17
Sertã Blrhoads 11/8/17
Vila de Rei Blrhoads 11/8/17
Vila Velha de Ródão Blrhoads DONE

District of Coimbra[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Arganil Blrhoads DONE
Cantanhede Blrhoads 11/15/17
Coimbra Blrhoads 11/8/17
Condeixa-a-Nova Blrhoads 11/8/17
Figueira da Foz Blrhoads 11/8/17
Góis Blrhoads 11/8/17
Lousã Blrhoads 11/15/17
Mira Blrhoads 11/8/17
Miranda do Corvo Blrhoads 11/8/17
Montemor-o-Velho Blrhoads 11/8/17
Oliveira do Hospital Blrhoads 11/8/17
Pampilhosa da Serra Blrhoads 11/8/17
Penacova Blrhoads 11/8/17
Penela Blrhoads 11/8/17
Soure Blrhoads 11/8/17
Tábua Blrhoads 11/8/17
Vila Nova de Poiares Blrhoads 11/8/17

District of Evora[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Alandroal Blrhoads 11/15/17
Arraiolos Blrhoads 11/9/17
Borba Blrhoads 11/15/17
Estremoz Blrhoads 11/9/17
Évora Blrhoads 11/9/17
Montemor-o-Novo Blrhoads 11/15/17
Mora Blrhoads 11/9/17
Mourão Blrhoads 11/9/17
Olivença Blrhoads 11/15/17
Portel Blrhoads 11/9/17
Redondo Blrhoads 11/9/17
Reguengos de Monsaraz Blrhoads 11/9/17
Vendas Novas Blrhoads 11/9/17
Viana do Alentejo Blrhoads 11/9/17
Vila Viçosa Blrhoads 11/9/17

District of Faro[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Albufeira Blrhoads 11/9/17
Alcoutim Blrhoads 11/9/17
Aljezur Blrhoads 11/9/17
Castro Marim Blrhoads 11/9/17
Faro Blrhoads 11/9/17
Lagoa Blrhoads 11/9/17
Lagos Blrhoads 11/9/17
Loulé Blrhoads 11/9/17
Monchique Blrhoads 11/9/17
Olhão Blrhoads 11/9/17
Portimão Blrhoads 11/9/17
São Brás de Alportel Blrhoads 11/9/17
Silves Blrhoads 11/9/17
Tavira Blrhoads 11/9/17
Vila do Bispo Blrhoads 11/9/17
Vila Real de Santo António Blrhoads 11/9/17

District of Guarda[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Aguiar da Beira Blrhoads 11/9/17
Almeida Blrhoads 11/9/17
Celorico da Beira Blrhoads 11/9/17
Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo Blrhoads 11/9/17
Fornos de Algodres Blrhoads 11/9/17
Gouveia Blrhoads 11/15/17
Guarda Blrhoads 11/9/17
Manteigas Blrhoads 11/9/17
Mêda Blrhoads 11/9/17
Pinhel Blrhoads 11/9/17
Sabugal Blrhoads 11/9/17
Seia Blrhoads 11/15/17
Trancoso Blrhoads 11/15/17
Vila Nova de Foz Côa Blrhoads 11/9/17

District of Leiria[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Alcobaça Blrhoads 11/9/17
Alvaiázere Blrhoads 11/9/17
Ansião Blrhoads 11/15/17
Batalha Blrhoads 11/9/17
Bombarral Blrhoads 11/15/17
Caldas da Rainha Blrhoads 11/9/17
Castanheira de Pêra Blrhoads 11/9/17
Figueiró dos Vinhos Blrhoads 11/15/17
Leiria Blrhoads 11/9/17
Marinha Grande Blrhoads 11/9/17
Nazaré Blrhoads 11/15/17
Óbidos Blrhoads 11/9/17
Pedrógão Grande Blrhoads 11/15/17
Peniche Blrhoads 11/9/17
Pombal Blrhoads 11/9/17
Porto de Mós Blrhoads 11/9/17

District of Lisboa (Lisbon)[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Alenquer Blrhoads 11/9/17
Amadora Blrhoads 11/15/17
Arruda dos Vinhos Blrhoads 11/9/17
Azambuja Blrhoads 11/15/17
Cadaval Blrhoads 11/9/17
Cascais Blrhoads 11/15/17
Lisbon Blrhoads 11/10/17
Loures Blrhoads 11/9/17
Lourinhã Blrhoads 11/9/17
Mafra Blrhoads 11/9/17
Odivelas Blrhoads 11/15/17
Oeiras Blrhoads 11/9/17
Sintra Blrhoads 11/9/17
Sobral de Monte Agraço Blrhoads 11/9/17
Torres Vedras Blrhoads 11/9/17
Vila Franca de Xira Blrhoads 11/9/17

Region of Madeira Islands[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Funchal Blrhoads 11/11/17
Calheta Blrhoads 11/16/17
Câmara de Lobos Blrhoads 11/11/17
Machico Blrhoads 11/16/17
Ponta do Sol Blrhoads 11/11/17
Porto Moniz Blrhoads 11/11/17
Porto Santo Blrhoads 11/11/17
Ribeira Brava Blrhoads 11/11/17
Santa Cruz Blrhoads 11/11/17
Santana Blrhoads 11/16/17
São Vicente Blrhoads 11/16/17

District of Portalegre[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Alter do Chão Blrhoads 11/9/17
Arronches Blrhoads 11/9/17
Avis Blrhoads 11/9/17
Campo Maior Blrhoads 11/9/17
Castelo de Vide Blrhoads 11/16/17
Crato Blrhoads 11/9/17
Elvas Blrhoads 11/9/17
Fronteira Blrhoads 11/16/17
Gavião Blrhoads 11/9/17
Marvão Blrhoads 11/9/17
Monforte Blrhoads 11/9/17
Nisa Blrhoads 11/16/17
Ponte de Sor Blrhoads 11/9/17
Portalegre Blrhoads 11/9/17
Sousel Blrhoads 11/16/17

District of Porto[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Amarante Blrhoads 11/10/17
Baião Blrhoads 11/10/17
Felgueiras Blrhoads 11/10/17
Gondomar Blrhoads 11/10/17
Lousada Blrhoads 11/10/17
Maia Blrhoads 11/10/17
Marco de Canaveses Blrhoads 11/10/17
Matosinhos Blrhoads 11/10/17
Paços de Ferreira Blrhoads 11/10/17
Paredes Blrhoads 11/10/17
Penafiel Blrhoads 11/10/17
Porto Blrhoads 11/10/17
Póvoa de Varzim Blrhoads 11/10/17
Santo Tirso Blrhoads 11/10/17
Trofa Blrhoads 11/16/17
Valongo Blrhoads 11/10/17
Vila do Conde Blrhoads 11/10/17
Vila Nova de Gaia Blrhoads 11/10/17

District of Santarém[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Abrantes Blrhoads 11/10/17
Alcanena Blrhoads 11/16/17
Almeirim Blrhoads 11/16/17
Alpiarça Blrhoads 11/16/17
Benavente Blrhoads 11/10/17
Cartaxo Blrhoads 11/10/17
Chamusca Blrhoads 11/16/17
Constância Blrhoads 11/10/17
Coruche Blrhoads 11/10/17
Entroncamento Blrhoads 11/10/17
Ferreira do Zêzere Blrhoads 11/16/17
Golegã Blrhoads 11/16/17
Mação Blrhoads 11/16/17
Ourém Blrhoads 11/10/17
Rio Maior Blrhoads 11/16/17
Salvaterra de Magos Blrhoads 11/10/17
Santarém Blrhoads 11/10/17
Sardoal Blrhoads 11/10/17
Tomar Blrhoads 11/16/17
Torres Novas Blrhoads 11/10/17
Vila Nova da Barquinha Blrhoads 11/10/17

District of Setúbal[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Alcácer do Sal Blrhoads 11/10/17
Alcochete Blrhoads 11/10/17
Almada Blrhoads 11/10/17
Barreiro Blrhoads 11/10/17
Grândola Blrhoads 11/10/17
Moita Blrhoads 11/10/17
Montijo Blrhoads 11/10/17
Palmela Blrhoads 11/10/17
Santiago do Cacém Blrhoads 11/10/17
Seixal Blrhoads 11/10/17
Sesimbra Blrhoads 11/10/17
Setúbal Blrhoads 11/10/17
Sines Blrhoads 11/10/17

District of Viana do Castelo[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Arcos de Valdevez already completed
Caminha already completed
Melgaço already completed
Monção already completed
Paredes de Coura already completed
Moita already completed
Montijo already completed
Palmela already completed
Ponte da Barca already completed
Ponte de Lima already completed
Valença already completed
Viana do Castelo already completed
Vila Nova de Cerveira already completed

District of Vila Real[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Alijó already completed
Boticas already completed
Chaves already completed
Mesão Frio already completed
Mondim de Basto already completed
Montalegre already completed
Murça already completed
Peso da Régua already completed
Ribeira de Pena already completed
Sabrosa already completed
Santa Marta de Penaguião already completed
Valpaços already completed
Vila Pouca de Aguiar already completed
Vila Real already completed

District of Viseu[edit | edit source]

Municipalities Name Date Completed
Armamar already completed
Carregal do Sal already completed
Castro Daire already completed
Cinfães already completed
Lamego already completed
Mangualde already completed
Moimenta da Beira already completed
Mortágua already completed
Nelas already completed
Oliveira de Frades already completed
Penalva do Castelo already completed
Penedono already completed
Resende already completed
Santa Comba Dão already completed
São João da Pesqueira already completed
São Pedro do Sul already completed
Sátão already completed
Sernancelhe already completed
Tabuaço already completed
Tarouca already completed
Tondela already completed
Vila Nova de Paiva already completed
Viseu already completed
Vouzela already completed