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Instruction[edit | edit source]

Master Instruction List
Task List

Step One: Open Page in Wikitext[edit | edit source]

  • From the Cemeteries & Family History Centers, select a district. This will take you to the district's table of municipalities.
  • Click on the first available municipality. This will take you to the municipality's page.
  • Click Edit Source

Step Two: Find Cemeteries on FindAGrave and BillionGraves[edit | edit source]


  • On the cemetery lookup at FindAGrave, enter in Portugal and click Search.
  • Look through the addresses of the cemeteries to see if any were within the municipality.
    • Use the find function (control-F) to search for the municipality's name
    • There are multiple pages of cemeteries, make sure to look through them all


  • On the cemetery lookup at, enter in Portugal and the name of the district containing the municipality, then click Search.
  • From the list of cemeteries, see if any were within the municipality.

Step Three: Input Cemetery Information into the Wiki[edit | edit source]

For every cemetery you find within the municipality, input contact information under "== Cemeteries =="

  • Move the website from the first line under the cemetery page to be underneath Email Address.
  • The website link should be formatted as one of the following:
Website: [CEMETERY PAGE URL FindAGrave] <br>


Website: [CEMETERY PAGE URL BillionGraves] <br> 
  • Format the address as follows, using ALL CAPS for the country name
Address Line 1<br>
Address Line 2<br>
  • In phone number, copy the phone number as follows
 Phone: NUMBER <br> 
  • In email, format the email as follows:
 Email: [mailto:email email] <br> 
  • Make sure the email address is copied twice into the template, with a space between the two emails

(Possible) Step Four: Add Additional Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

If there are more than two cemeteries for the municipality on FindAGrave or Billion Graves, add the following template for cemetery contact information underneath the existing ones, and fill in the contact information.

'''Name of Cemetery'''<br>
Address line 1 <br>
Address line 2 <br>
Phone number: PHONE NUMBER <br>
Email: [mailto:EMAIL EMAIL] <br>
Website: [CEMETERY PAGE URL Website Name] <br>

(Possible) Step Five: Delete Templates if Cemeteries are Not Found[edit | edit source]

  • If only limited contact information is provided, delete the portion of the template that asks for the information
For example, if no email address is provided, delete "[mailto: email email address]< br >"
  • If only one cemetery is found on the websites, delete the second template for cemetery contact information.
  • If no cemeteries are found on the website:
    • Delete both templates for cemetery contact information
    • Paste the following phrase in the place of the template for cemetery contact information:
There are no known cemeteries for this municipality.

Step Six: Add Link to Family History Center[edit | edit source]

Find nearby FamilySearch Centers

  • Open the Family history center locator
  • Search for the municipality
  • Select the nearest Family History Center
  • Fill in the Center's name
  • Click Website to open the FamilySearch Wiki page
    • This will be in Portuguese, but will also have the most accurate information

Copy Information into the Municipality Page

  • Back on the municipality wiki page, move (cut and paste) the website section from directly under the title to directly underneath email address.
    • Insert the following template over "Website,"
    • Copy and paste the url for the center's page, followed by a space and the name of the center's page.
      • DO NOT do a double-bracket wiki link. This does not work for foreign-language wiki pages.
  • Copy the address, making sure to add a break after each line
Address line 1 <br>
Address line 2 <br>
  • Format the phone number as
Phone: NUMBER <br> 
  • In email, format the email as follows:
 Email: [mailto:EMAIL EMAIL] <br> 
  • Make sure the email address is copied twice into the template, with a space between the two emails
  • If there is no phone number or email address, delete that line from the template.

If there are multiple centers equally close to the municipality, copy the following tablet underneath the first center, and fill in the information for the second center.

'''Name of nearest center'''<br>
Address line 1 <br>
Address line 2 <br>
Phone number: NUMBER<br>
[mailto:EMAIL EMAIL]<br>
Website: [URL NAME OF CENTER] <br>

Example Page[edit | edit source]

The following link is the completed municipality page for The Municipality of Águeda
The following link shows a complete cemetery section for The Municipality of Mealhada