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Oklahoma Project PageGotoarrow.png Oklahoma Vital Records Collections

Adding Vital Records Collections[edit | edit source]

Instructions: 1. Go to the Vital Records section of the page.

2. If nothing appears under that section, or there is just an intro, copy and paste the following:

''Online Birth Records Indexes and Images''
*[ Early Oklahoma Birth Records]

''Online Marriage Records Indexes and Images''
*1841 - 1927 [ Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Marriage, Citizenship and Census Records, 1841-1927] at [ Ancestry] ($)
*1870 - 1930 {{RecordSearch|1681007|Oklahoma Marriages, 1870-1930}} at [ FamilySearch] Index only. *1870 - 1930 [ Oklahoma, Select Marriages, 1870-1930] at [ Ancestry] — index ($)
*1870 - 1930 [ Oklahoma, Marriages, 1870-1930] at [ My Heritage] index ($)
*1889 - 1951 [ Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Marriage Index, 1889-1951]
*1890 - 1995 {{RecordSearch|1709399|Oklahoma, County Marriages, 1890-1995}} at [ FamilySearch] Index and images
*[ OKGenWeb Oklahoma Marriages]

''Online Death Records Indexes and Images''
*[ Obituaries Listed in the Oklahoman] - Oklahoma Historical Society — index only
* {{RecordSearch|1202535|United States Social Security Death Index}}
*1935 - 2014 [ U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014] at [ Ancestry] ($)
*1936 - 2007 [ U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007] at [ Ancestry], incomplete ($}

''Online Divorce Records Indexes and Images''
*1923 - 1942 [ Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Divorce Index, 1923-1942]

3. If there are already record collections on the page, you will need to work them into the above chronologically where appropriate.

4. Once you have added the text, preview the page by clicking on, Show Preview at the bottom of the page. Check your work to make sure it looks like it should (no wikitext showing on final page). Make any necessary adjustments.

5. Go to the bottom of the page and enter "added vital records" in the edit summary box and save the page.

6. You are now done with the task. Go to the next County on your list.

Example[edit | edit source]

For an example of what this heading should look like when it is complete, click here.