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WikiProject New York Gotoarrow.png Progress Chart Gotoarrow.png Tasks - Repositories: Town Clerk and Historian

Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this task is locate the town or city clerk and the town or city historian for each of the towns or cities (NOT the villages or communities) in a county and list their contact information or any genealogical collections.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Please cite at least one source for each item you add. See Albany County for examples. See also

1. Go to Your town should be listed here. If not, go to New York State Agency Guide. Click on the county.

The town/city clerk and historian information may be hidden under the following headings:

  • Town/city information
  • Municipal information
  • Government
  • Departments
  • Town/city hall
  • Agencies
  • Officials
  • If you can't find the clerk or historian on their website, google "[name of town] town/city clerk New York" or [name of town/city] town/city historian New York"

2. Go to (or create) the town page by clicking on the town/city link in the "Places" box at the bottom of the county page. Once on the town/city page, add a Heading 3 called "Repositories" and add the information about the town clerk and historian using the format given on this page.

3. Some of the town or city historian websites also include information about the town/city historical society and library collections. You may want to add the society to the town page as well. Be sure to include information collections.

4. For each town or city clerk and town or city historian, add the following:

  • Name. If the town or city clerk or historian has a website, add the link to the name of the town clerk/historian. See the example below. If there is no website link, bold the name instead.
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E–mail

5. If the town or city historian website describes any collections, add one or two sentences that discuss the strengths and peculiarities of the databases or collections.

6. If you copy a link and add it to the wiki page, make sure the link works. Do not add any broken links.

7.Indicate if there is no further information about the town or city historian except for a name and suggest contacting the county clerk for further information.

Additional suggestions for locating a town website:

8. Consult the Elizabeth Petty Bentley, Genealogy Address Book (Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore, Maryland, 2009)for Internet addresses and street addresses for town historians and clerks. Try to compare with Internet information, call or e-mail the historian or clerk to confirm current town officials.

If you use this guide, add the following reference replacing the page number (ppp):

<ref>Elizabeth Petty Bentley, ''Genealogist's Address Book: State and Local Resources, with Special Resources Including Ethnic and Religious Organizations'', 6th ed. (Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Pub., 2009), ppp. {{WorldCat|317917451|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1619813|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D24ben 2009}}.</ref>

  • Copy the reference.
  • Place your cursor where you want the footnote to appear- and insert it.
  • Make sure to replace the ppp. in the reference and insert the correct page number.
  • Note: If the page does not include the template {{reflist}} above the Municipalities template near the bottom of the page, add the reflist template in wiki text.

9. Many New York towns use one of the following Internet address sytles:

Substitute your town name in the url.

Example[edit | edit source]

Town Clerk[edit | edit source]

Town Clerk

Also appointed Registrar of Vital Statistics

Beverly Merriman
PO Box 310
Westmoreland,  New York 13490
Phone: 315–853-0001 ext.2

Town Historian[edit | edit source]

Town Historian
Nancy Pritchard[1]
5746 Shed Road
Rome, NY 13440
Phone: 315-337-5566

City Clerk[edit | edit source]

Glens Falls Clerk
Robert A. Curtis
City Hall
42 Ridge Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone: 518-761-3803
Fax: 518-743-0663
The City Clerk has the records of birth, death, or marriage for the city.

City Historian[edit | edit source]

Glens Falls Historian
Wayne Wright
42 Ridge Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone: 518-761-3800
Has Glens Falls Bay Street Cemetery transcript online. First person buried there was John P. Coffin d. Apr. 10, 1854.

  1. Elizabeth Petty Bentley, Genealogist's Address Book: State and Local Resources, with Special Resources Including Ethnic and Religious Organizations, 6th ed. (Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Pub., 2009), 435. At various libraries (WorldCat); FHL Book 973 D24ben 2009.