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WikiProject New York Gotoarrow.png Progress Chart Gotoarrow.png Wiki Project New York Tasks - Church Records Template Fix

Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this task change a template and add a template to the Church Records headings on a county page.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Edit the county page in wikitext.

2. You should see a template that looks something like this right under the Church Records heading:


3. Copy this template, and paste it AFTER any Church records or databases listed on the page at the end of the section.

4. Now add the number "2" before the first pipe in the template. It should look like this:


5. Now add "+county" after the name of the county. It should now look like this:


6. Now add the following template directly under the Church Records heading and BEFORE any Church records or databases listed.


7. If the original template on the page is missing numbers at the end of the template (the subject id for the county), complete the following:

Find the subject number as follows:

a. Do a place search of the FHLC for your county.
b. Select Church Records from the record groups displayed.
c. Select any record displayed.
d. Select the highlighted phrase under the word "Subjects".
e. Copy the number displayed in the upper right-hand corner in the display box "For". This is the subject number.
f. Paste this number into the NYChurch2 template after the second pipe.

Example[edit | edit source]

Church Records
[edit | edit source]

Church records are good substitutes for birth, marriage, and death information and are most often found on a local city/town or county level.  Published and manuscript church records can be found at public, university, and private libraries.

For a brief general history of denominations and a guide to finding various New York denomination's records, see New York Church Records Wiki page.

Catholic Church[edit | edit source]
  • 1864–1881 Virginia Easley DeMarce, Baptisms and Burials: St. Edmund's, Ellenburg, New York, St. Philomene's, Churubusco, New York, St. James, Cadyville, New York, Clinton County, 1864-1881 (Plattsburgh, N.Y. (P.O. Box 1256, Plattsburgh 12901): The Society, 1990). At various libraries; FHL Book 974.754 K2c.Includes indexes to godfathers, godmothers, and maiden names of mothers. Includes notes from cemetery, St. James, Cadyville.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[edit | edit source]

Additional Church Records

Additional church records can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Wayne County, New York Church Records in online catalogs like: