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WikiProject New York Gotoarrow.png Progress Chart Gotoarrow.png New York Tasks - Church Records: FamilySearch

Task[edit | edit source]

Wiki Project New York Tasks - Church Records: FamilySearch Task

Description[edit | edit source]

To locate pertinent church record databases on FamilySearch Historical Records and add them to the Church Records heading.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Search FamilySearch Records

2. If there are less than 5 databases for this county on the website, list the databases under "Online Church Records Abstracts" in chronological and then alphabetical order in the following manner:

:*'''1862-1955''' – {{RecordSearch|1921435|New York, New York City, Saint Peter's Lutheran Church Records, 1862-1955}} at [ FamilySearch Historical Records] - free

3. If there is information about the database that you would like to add (i.e, index only, not complete, etc), add it to the end of entry.

4. Replace the "1921435" with the correct title number. The title number can be found in the URL of the database. It's the last number at the end of the url.

5. Be sure to bold the dates that are listed right after the bullet. Make sure to use the N–dash between the dates and anytime it is used in wiki text. The N–dash is made by holding the alt key and typing 0150.

Example[edit | edit source]