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WikiProject New York Gotoarrow.png Progress Chart Gotoarrow.png Wiki Project New York Tasks - Church Records: FHLC for Towns/Cities.

Description:[edit | edit source]

This task involves searching for original church records in the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) to be placed on the city and town pages for each county. Not the county page.

Instruction[edit | edit source]

1. To locate church records in the FHLC, do a place search in the Classic FHLC by typing in your county.

2. Once you have the correct county, click on the "Related Places" on the upper right side of the page. This will give you a listing of all the towns and cities and villages in that county. However, in this task, we are only putting the Church Records on the towns and cities pages in this county.

3. After opening a new separate window from step 2, go to the wiki and type in your county name and go to that page.  Then click on the Places section in the table of contents of the county wiki page. Note the cities and towns that are listed and linked to in that chart. These are the ones that you will populate with the church records from the FHLC. Start with the City listings - if any - and click on the name to take you to that city page in the wiki. If no cities are listed, go to the first listed town.

4. On the town/city page, under the breadcrumb and any images on that page, make sure there is a "Resources" heading 2 on the page.  If not, add it.

5. Under the "Resources" heading, make sure there is a "Church Records" heading 3.  If there is not, add it.

6. If there are links to online church databases, add the following above these databases:

''Online Church Databases''<br>

7. Now add under the "Online Church Databases," the following (if there are no databases, add it under the "Church Records" heading):

''Original Church Records''<br>

8. Now go back to the Classic FHLC, and look at the listing of towns, cities and villages that you brought up in step 2. Find the listing for your city(town) and right click on your mouse, then click on the option to open in a new window. [This way the Classic FHLC listing of towns, cities, and villages will be there for when you go to the next city or town in your county.]

9. Look under the topic of Church Records on that city/town listing of records in the FHLC. Review the entries for any original church records.

10. Add each original record under the new heading you created in #7 on the wiki town/city page by using the following guidelines:

i. Bullet each entry you make.
ii. The date should be bolded. Make sure to use the N–dash between the dates and anytime it is used in wiki text. The N–dash is made by holding the alt key and typing 0150.
iii. Put the sources in chronological order.
iv. Use the FHLC template to list the call number or film number.
NOTE: in the classic FHLC it is easiest to find the number you need for the template if you click on the "printable version of this record" at the bottom of the page. Then the number you need for the template appears as the last numbers in the url. Just double click on those numbers and they will highlight and then you only need to use Ctrl C feature to copy those numbers and then Ctrl V to paste them into the template for FHLC entries. Or you could right click on your mouse, click on copy, then paste into the template.
v. Put in an explanation of what this record has of importance to them; such as, baptisms, marriages, burials, language it is in, etc.

Example of Church Entries:

:*'''1799–1867''' Society of Friends Peru Monthly Meeting – Hicksite {{FHL|127216|item|disp=FHL film 17364 Item 1, 5–6 and 17365, item 1}} Microfilm of original records. Marriages, removal certificates, and minutes.<br>
:*'''1886–1916''' St. Augustine Catholic Church {{FHL|269121|item|disp=FHL film 1450719 Items 13-14}} Microfilm of original records. Baptisms, first communion, marriages, burials, and confirmations. Text in Latin.<br>

11. After adding all the original church records to that town(or city) in your county, go to the "Municipalities and communities" chart at the bottom of the page and click on the next city or town you will work on.

12. In the Classic FHLC, go to the listing of towns, cities and villages that you brought up in step 2. Find that next city or town that you will be populating and Right click on that listing and open it in a next window.

13. Now go to step 4 and continue until you have finished all the cities and towns in your county. DO NOT populate the villages and communities.

Example[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Online Church Databases

  • Quaker Records: Rochester Monthly Meeting Monroe County, New York. Digital version at Ancestry ($).

Original Church Records

  • 1811–1884 Baptist Church of Plattsburgh FHL film 17849 Contents: item 1. Membership records of Plattsburgh Baptist Church including baptisms and some deaths, 1821-1855; minutes of meetings of the West Plattsburgh Baptist Church with some records of members, 1811-1855 -- item 2. Records of the Plattsburgh Baptist Church including members and minutes of meetings, 1878-1884. Microfilm of Original records.
  • 1831–1915 St. John the Baptist Catholic Church FHL film 1450723 Items 6–14 Microfilm of original records. Baptisms, communions, marriages, burials and some confirmations. Irish settlement cemetery. Some indexed volumes. Text in Latin, with some English and French.
  • 1853–1915 St. Peter's Catholic Church FHL film 1450723 Item 15 (first of 4 films) Microfilm of original records. Baptisms, communions, marriages, burials and confirmations. Indexes at beginning of most volumes. This is a French Catholic church. Text in Latin and French with some English.
  • 1907–1915 Lady of Victory Catholic Church FHL film 1450726 Item 3 Microfilm of original records. Baptisms, marriages, burials, and confirmations. Some indexed volumes. Text in Latin.