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WikiProject New Jersey Gotoarrow.png Wiki Project New Jersey Tasks - Ancestry Probate

Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this task is to locate pertinent Probate (will) databases on and add the information and links to the New Jersey County pages on the FamilySearch Wiki.

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You may wish to open a separate "window" for these instructions so that you won't lose them while following each step.
To Open another window:

  • Click on a tab at the top of the brower and then navigate back to the FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject New Jersey.

Or you may wish to print the instructions before you begin editing.
To Print:

  • Go to the top right-hand corner of the page within the the white area.
  • Locate the word Print or the icon of a printer. Click on the icon.
  • Print.

General Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Check the Assignment Chart below to choose a county to edit.

2. Sign up on the Assignment Chart to accept the task. Sign-up instructions are posted with the Assignment Chart below.

Specific Instructions for Ancestry Probate[edit | edit source]

1. You will be adding information to the county page by editing in wiki text. *If you have questions about editing, go to wiki help links under the heading Description.

2. Click on your chosen county name in the Assignment Chart. This will take you to your county page.

3. Login to the FamilySearch wiki using your FamilySearch login name and password (

4. Scroll to the heading, Probate.

5. Click on the following link to go

6. Once at the website, look to the right of the webpage and click on the county you have chosen to work on. A list of all applicable databases for that county will appear.

7. Review the databases listed for that county to determine which ones may be added under the Probate section on the FamilySearch county wiki page.

8. Go back to the window you have open for the FamilySearch county wiki page and click the edit box, which is to the right of the heading, Probate. Then click on the word, wikitext, which will bring you to the wiki text field.

9. You will now enter the probate databases (wills) found in ancestry into the FamilySearch county wiki page, under the probate heading. The format is:

  • (a) : (colon)
  • (b) * (star)
  • (c) the years bolded if there are years indicated in the title.
Use the N-dash between dates and anytime used in wiki text. The N–dash is made by holding the alt key and typing 0150.
To bold the years, place three ''' before and after the years.
  • (d)The catalog entry with accompanying url link. [url(web address) of the collection SPACE title of the collection] The entire link and title must be enclosed by brackets [ ]
  • Url (Web Address) of the collection: To get to the url or web address of the book, click on the title of the book, which will take you to another page. This is the page with the web address (url) that will go into the FamilySearch wiki.
  • To add the url link, hover the cursor over the url or web address on the ancestry website page. This is at the top of the page in the web address box. Right click your mouse. This will highlight the address and an edit box will appear. Right click on COPY. Return to the wiki county page and after the [ right click and PASTE.
  • Space It is important to but one space between the url and the title.
  • Title of the collection: Author , [Title in italics]
  • For the author,type the last name, comma, and then the first name. If there is the name of a society or a series of authors, type them as written. If there is not author indicated, begin the entry with the title.
  • To make italics put two '' before and after the title. Be sure to capitalize the proper words in the title.
End with a ]
  • (d) Copy and paste the following phrase: at []
  • (e) ($)
  • (f) A brief description, if needed, such as "not complete," "index only," "index and images" or "transcription."

11. In the "Summary" box at the bottom of the page add the words, "Added Ancestry Probate" and then click the Save page button.

Examples[edit | edit source]

EXAMPLES in Wiki Text


  • [ Index to Darke County, Ohio, Wills] at [] ($) Index only.


  • 1806–1854 [ Preble County, Ohio Wills Vol. I and Vol. II] at [] ($) Will Abstracts.

EXAMPLES–Finished Product

EXAMPLE of complete Probate Section

Mahoning County, Probate

Assignment Chart[edit | edit source]

If you are accepting this task:

1. Sign in to the wiki at the upper right-hand corner of this page. Use your FamilySearch account username and password.
2. Open the Assignment Chart for editing by clicking on the check mark in the box at the right opposite the Assignment Table heading.
3. Place your cursor in the box under the heading Name/Date Task Accepted and opposite your county of choice.
4. Type 4 tildes (~). This symbol is located on the upper left-hand part of your keyboard, next to the number 1. The ~~~~ is an electronic signature and will leave your user name and date when you signed.
5. Scroll nearly to the bottom of the page. Add a summary sentence in the Summary box saying something like, "Selected Preble County for adding probate".
6. Click on the box "Save Page".
7. You are now signed up to complete this task.

If you are completing this task:

  • Follow the same instructions as accepting the task, except place your cursor in the correct county box under the heading Date Completed. Change your summary sentence to something like, "Completed Adams County for societies."
County Name/ Date Accepted Date Completed
Atlantic TDB 4 April 2013 4 April 2013
Cape May

[edit | edit source]