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We’d like to know a little about you![edit | edit source]


This will help us get to know you and find a comfy spot for you as a new volunteer. Not all fields are required, but the more info you provide, the better fit we can find.

Please copy and paste this questionnaire into a word document and email it to

And P.S. ... thank you for your time!  

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • How did you find out about us?
  • What is your motivation for volunteering?
  • How much experience have you had (if any) editing in the Family Research Wiki?
  • In what areas of Family History are you interested in/have done research?
  • In which countries or US states have you researched, if any?
  • Which types of records do you have experience working with, if any? (i.e., birth records, courthouse records, etc.)?
  • Language Abilities in reading and/or writing:
  • Talents/Skills (can be related to this or just in general):
  • Computer skills (programs, applications, etc.):
  • Are you interested specifically in any of the tasks listed on the Project Tasks page?
  • What do you need from us to get you started?
  • Any additional comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!