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WikiProject England Gotoarrow.png Tasks

Add SEO Text to Parish Pages[edit | edit source]

Add the following text to each parish page for a county.  The text should be added just below the breadcrumb trail and prior to anything else on the page.  The easiest way to do this is to copy the text in Wikitext and paste it into Wikitext on each page. Replace "Adwell" with the name of the parish and Oxfordshire with the name of the county for the page you are currently working on.

Copy and Paste this text:  Guide to '''Adwell, Oxfordshire family history and genealogy:''' parish registers, transcripts, census records, birth records, marriage records, and death records.

It will display like this: Guide to Adwell, Oxfordshire family history and genealogy: parish registers, transcripts, census records, birth records, marriage records, and death records.

Create Links in the Website Section[edit | edit source]

  • GENUKI (create link to parallel page on GENUKI)

Remove stubs from the developed pages[edit | edit source]

Once a page is developed, remove the stub template.

A page graduates from being a stub once:

  • Parish history is written
  • Parish registers are described; especially online records

Remove Instructions from Church Records Section
[edit | edit source]

Choose any county that has already had the Church Records Section completed (see chart) and go to each parish page and remove the following text:

Remove this text:  Contributor: Include here information for parish registers, Bishop’s Transcripts, non conformist and other types of church records, such as parish chest records. Add the contact information for the office holding the original records. Add links to the Family History Library Catalog showing the film numbers in their collection

Add Links to Online Parish Registers[edit | edit source]

Key sites and databases to check:

  1. FamilySearch (IGI; county collections)
  2. Ancestry (Pallot's Marriage Index; British Isles Vital Records Index; county collections)
  3. FindMyPast (Boyd's Marriage Index; National Burial Index; county collections)
  4. FreeReg
  5. Online Parish Clerks
  6. Joiner's Marriage Index
  7. Internet Archive
  8. Google Books
  9. Hathi Trust

Create County Record Office Pages[edit | edit source]

These pages proceed through the following steps:

  1. Set up: indicates the page has been set up
  2. Phase one: address, website, and hours have been added
  3. Phase two: add breadcrumb trails, link to page from County Archives and Libraries page
  4. Completed