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Country Societies pages

Societies Project for Underserved Countries[edit | edit source]

Project Leader: Becca Curtis
Task List: Task List
Example: Andorra Societies
Purpose: To create a Societies page on the wiki for every country in the world and add information about genealogical and historical societies.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Copy and Paste[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the Task List and choose a country.

2. Create a sandbox for this page.

3. Copy and paste this code into the sandbox:

| link1=[[COUNTRY Genealogy|COUNTRY]]
| link2=
| link3=
| link4=
| link5=[[COUNTRY Societies|Societies]]

== Genealogical Societies ==

== Historical Societies ==

== Other Societies ==

Side note: "Other Societies" includes Fraternal societies, Ethnic Heritage societies, One-Name Groups

4. Change COUNTY to the actual name of the country

Example: {{COUNTRY-sidebar}} changes to {{Andorra-sidebar}}

Step 2: Check If Societies Page Exists[edit | edit source]

1. Check to see if a Societies page already exists. If it does, add the societies and information into your sandbox and format it correctly.

Step 3: Research[edit | edit source]

1. To find genealogical, historical, and other societies check these websites:

2. Once you have located a genealogical or historical society, find the name of the society, address, telephone number, email, and website. Add it underneath the correct heading using these guidelines:

a. Add name of society: add the name of the society in alphabetical order. Bold the society (put ''' at beginning and end of name). Put <br> at the end.
Ex: '''Afghanistan Genealogical Society'''<br>

b. Add address: if the address is easily found, add it underneath the name and put a <br> after the street address and zipcode.
Ex: 1234 Main Street<br>Mainville, Afghanistan 84848-0012<br>

c. Add telephone: if the telephone number is found, add it underneath the address. Put a <br> at the end.
Ex: Telephone: 801-333-1234<br>

d. Add email: if there is an email address, make the email address into a clickable link. Add underneath the telephone number. Put a <br> at the end. To make clickable: [mailto:email email]
Ex: Email: []<br>

e. Add website: put the website underneath the email. Title the URL as the name of the society. Put <br> at the end.
Ex: Website: [ Afghanistan Genealogical Society]<br>

f. Add brief description: add a brief description of the goals of the society and what records or collections can be found there. Add underneath the Email. Put a : in the front of the first sentence and put <br><br> at the end of the paragraph.
Ex: :The Afghanistan Genealogical Society seeks to promote research for people from Afghanistan. Questions are answered and research tips published to help in Afghanistan research. Consultants can also be hired from the society to perform individualized research.<br><br>

Side note: If there is no address, phone number, or email available just include what is found. At bare minimum, the website and description of the society is fine.

3. Save the code and send an email to Becca letting her know the country is finished.

Example of Code:

| link1=[[Andorra Genealogy|Andorra]]
| link2=
| link3=
| link4=
| link5=[[Andorra Societies|Societies]]

== Genealogical Societies ==
'''la Societat Catalana de Genealogia (SCGHSVN)'''<br>
c. Jaume I, 33-51<br>08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès<br>(Vallès Occidental) Barcelona<br>Spain<br>
Telephone: 93 554 52 50<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: [ Societat Catalana de Genealogia]<br>
:The aim of the SCGHSVN is to promote research in Catalan by gathering historical sources, publishing material, and advising researchers. Its headquarters are in the National Archive of Catalonia.<br><br>

== Historical Societies ==

== Other Societies ==
'''Yahoo Groups: Genealogy-Andorra'''<br>
Website: [ Genealogy-Andorra]<br>
:The goal of the research group is to exchange ideas and receive help for those researching ancestors in Andorra.<br><br>

If No Societies are Found[edit | edit source]

If no society is found, go to the table and put ---- in the "Name" and "Date Completed" columns of the task list.

Finished Examples[edit | edit source]