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Clickable County Maps

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Upload new county boundary maps, making clickable map templates, and adding them the Maps and Gazetteers section of the county pages.

Task List[edit | edit source]

Task List

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Step 1 - Add County Boundary Maps to Wiki[edit | edit source]

Add map image to your desktop[edit | edit source]

1. Go to Danielle's Google drive account to locate the maps you signed up for. Navigate to the correct state folder and find the map you are uploading to the Wiki.
2. Download the county map you need by double clicking on the map so it will open on your computer.
3. Once the map can be seen on your monitor, click on the Arrow pointing down in the top right corner to download the image.
4. Once it has been downloaded, either a dialogue box will appear for you to open the image (when using Firefox) or the image will appear in the bottom of the screen - usually the left hand corner for you to double click on (Chrome).
5. Once the image is open on your computer, save the file to your desktop (or somewhere else on your hard drive that is convenient for you to find the file).

Upload map image to the Wiki[edit | edit source]

1. Go to Upload File under Tools - you must be logged in to see this link. (DO NOT UPLOAD IMAGES USING UPLOAD FILE/IMAGE UNDER VOLUNTEER AND HELPER).
2. Click on Choose File (or sometimes says, Browse) button.
3. Find the map image you saved on your desktop or hard drive.
4. The Wiki will load the image and check to see if it has already been added. Even if a similar image comes up, you are still loading these images (a copyright phrase has been added to these new images).
5. Copy and paste the following wikitext and add it to the Summary box on the upload screen:

Map courtesy of [URLforstate]. Copyright 2005.<br>
[[Category:state Maps]]
[[Category:countyname County, state]]

6. In the first line, replace the URLforstate with the corresponding link below for the state you are working on:

























New Hampshire:

New Jersey Counties:

New Mexico:

New York:

North Carolina:





Rhode Island:

South Carolina:







West Virginia:


Example for Colorado:
Map courtesy of []. Copyright 2005.<br>

7. In the second line, replace "state" with the state the map is in. Do not capitalize the whole word. For example, it would be Colorado.

Example for Colorado:
[[Category:Colorado Maps]]

8. In the third line, replace "countyname" with the county name and replace the "state" with the state the county is in. Do not capitalize the whole word. For example it would be Adams County, Colorado.

Example for Colorado:
[[Category:Adams County, Colorado]]

9. Change the Licensing from "None Selected" to "Digital Topo Maps Images" (it's the last option on the drop down menu.)

10. Click on the Upload File button.

11. The Wiki may give you an error saying something like "A file with this name exists already, please check File:NAME.png if you are not sure if you want to change it." We do want to add the file again, so click on the button (at the bottom of the page) "Ignore Warning and Save File Anyway."

12. Check to make sure the categories are correct at the bottom of the page. If it is not, edit the summary and change the category to the correct one.

13. You can now go to the next county.

Step 2 - Create Image Map Template[edit | edit source]

1. Create image map, instructions here.
Hint: When entering the name of the page for the county in the "Href" box, I usually copy and paste these county names so I don't misspell them and then have to "move" or rename the template)

a. You may see %2C after the name of the county in the first line of code.
b. You must change the %2C to a comma.
The wiki does not recognize the %2C.

2. Save the image coding as a template, for example: template:KS Allen County.

a. Must have the word "template:" as part of the name of the image template. Note the colon.
b. First two capital letters are the two letter post office codes for each state.
c. Next is the name of the county for which you are creating the image map.
d. Add the this line of code to the bottom of all the code. Make sure it follows immediately after "</imagemap>", no line brake.This give the image map a category.
<noinclude>[[Category:Image map templates]]</noinclude>

Note the noinclude just means that the text for the category will not show on the page even though it has been placed in a category.
3.Limit size to 250px. See Help:Wiki_University_Wikitext--Image_Maps#Limit size of image map

4. Here is a completed template for Allen County, Kansas as an example:

poly 123 179 123 99 226 103 223 181 223 181 [[Allen County, Kansas Genealogy|Allen County]]
poly 122 96 119 11 225 14 224 96 224 96 [[Anderson County, Kansas Genealogy|Anderson County]]
poly 17 99 7 1 115 18 115 99 115 99 [[Coffey County, Kansas Genealogy|Coffey County]]
poly 230 97 230 10 344 2 339 98 340 98 [[Linn County, Kansas Genealogy|Linn County]]
poly 15 179 16 93 118 100 119 178 119 178 [[Woodson County, Kansas Genealogy|Woodson County]]
poly 229 190 228 99 339 102 337 190 337 190 [[Bourbon County, Kansas Genealogy|Bourbon County]]
poly 17 265 14 178 117 184 115 266 115 266 [[Wilson County, Kansas Genealogy|Wilson County]]
poly 195 250 120 267 124 179 223 184 225 266 122 265 122 265 [[Neosho County, Kansas Genealogy|Neosho County]]
poly 230 266 224 189 336 196 338 265 338 265 [[Crawford County, Kansas Genealogy|Crawford County]]

<noinclude>[[Category:Image map templates]]</noinclude>
  • Notice how the line of code for each county starts with the word "poly."

Step 3 - Put New Template on County Page[edit | edit source]

1.Place the clickable map under the heading Maps and Gazetteers, and under first template, for example, under {{KS Maps Intro|Allen}} on the Allen County, Kansas page by typing:

{{KS Neighboring Counties Intro|county={{County Name}}}}
There may be a link to a image of the county under this template that looks like our image map. If so delete it as you will be replacing it with a clickable image map.

2.In place of "County Name" enter the template name for the county you are adding the image map too, for example:

{{KS Neighboring Counties Intro|county={{KS Allen County}}}}

3.It will look like this, using Allen County, Kansas as an example:

=== Maps and Gazetteers ===
{{KS Maps Intro|Allen}}

{{KS Neighboring Counties Intro|county={{KS Allen County}}}}