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WikiProject Alberta Gotoarrow.png Wiki Project Alberta Tasks – Locate Broken Links

Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this task is to find any websites with incorrect titles or title descriptions on Alberta Province topic pages and to repair or report the incorrect titles.

This task is an intermediate task and requires basic experience with opening, reading, and editing of linked websites.

New to the wiki?

  • See Help to request individual mentoring or to join community discussions.
  • See Editing Help – Online Video Demonstration.
  • See Editing Articles – Online Class.

Questions about editing this project?

You may wish to print these instructions before you begin editing.

To Print:

  • Go to the top right-hand corner of the page within the the white area.
  • Locate the word Print or the icon of a printer. Click on the icon.
  • Print.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Check the Assignment Chart below to choose an Alberta topic to edit.

2. Sign up on the Assignment Chart to accept the task. Sign-up instructions are posted with the Assignment Chart.

3. For each topic page:

a. Read the page and click on all blue links.
b. Confirm that each link goes to the correct website.
c. If the link does not go to the correct website, this problem will be taken care of in the broken links task. Ignore this problem link.
d. If the link goes to a page with the correct information, but the title of the page has changed, you will need to change the title. Follow the instructions below for editing in wikitext.
d. E-mail for any title you are not able to change:

4. Mark the Assignment Chart to indicate you have finished the task.

Editing Website Titles[edit | edit source]

A. Click on the blue link.
1. Make a note of where it is in the topic page.
2. Determine the most correct title for the website
B. Return to the original Alberta wiki page by clicking title in the tabs at the top of your Internet browser page.
1. Login to the FamilySearch wiki using your FamilySearch login name and password. Find this near the top right-hand corner of the page.
2. Return to the section of the page where the FHL link needs to be repaired.
3. Open the section for editing by clicking on the pencil in square on the right-hand side of the page, opposite the section title.
4. Click on the word wikitext with in toolbox at the top left of the edit box
5. Scroll through the text until you come to link which needs repair.
  • The link should look something like

[ Metro Archives]

6. The first portion of the link is the website URL. Do not make any changes to the URL. All parts of the URL are linked by letters or symbols.
7. Following URL is a space. The wording after the space is the website title.
8. Place you cursor between the last word of the title and the "]".
9. Backspace until you have removed all of the title, but none of the URL.
10. Type a space after the URL.
11. Type in the correct website title.
12. Scroll to the bottom of the page you are editing and type a summary sentence in the summary box below the edit box. Type something like, "Repaired website title".
13. Save the page.
14. Check your link by clicking on it.
15. If you have problems with the link or its title, contact the WikiProject Alberta project director listed in the instructions above.

Assignment Chart[edit | edit source]

If you are accepting this task:

1. Sign in to the wiki at the upper right-hand corner of this page. Use your FamilySearch account username and password.
2. Open the Assignment Chart for editing by clicking on the check mark in the box at the right opposite the Assignment Table heading.
3. Place your cursor in the box under the heading Name/Date Task Accepted and opposite your topic of choice.
4. Not all topics are included in the chart below. If your topic is not listed, this task is not yet ready for editing.
5. Type 4 tildes (~). This symbol is located on the upper left-hand part of your keyboard, next to the number 1. The ~~~~ is an electronic signature and will leave your user name and date when you signed.
6. Scroll nearly to the bottom of the page. Add a summary sentence in the Summary box saying something like, "Selected Census."
7. Click on the box "Save Page".
8. You are now signed up to complete this task.

If you are completing this task:

  • Follow the same instructions as accepting the task, except place your cursor in the correct county box under the heading Date Completed. Change your summary sentence to something like, "Completed Census."
Topic Name/Date Task Accepted Date Completed
Census Records

Vital Records

Church Records

Land and Property Records

Probate Records