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[Users: a PDF copy of the presentation (ppt) has been uploaded to the MeetingPlace, where it can be downloaded.]

Why the changes?

The sponsoring organization is creating a better user experience. We are doing this by integrating with the new FamilySearch product which is in beta. Doing this will increase the traffic to the research wiki, including more contributors. It also bring more features to the community as well. Finally, it provides a one-stop shopping experience in the FamilySearch world. We also want to make the new user interface available so you can use it

The change:

The Research Wiki’s default look was changed to the new FamilySearch Beta look. The new look became the DEFAULT for the Research Wiki (

Please use the new look and provide comments and suggestions through the FamilySearch forums. There is already an existing conversation or thread regarding this at so please use that. If you have difficulty with the new look, you can change back to the old look if you desire. First navigate to a page other than the home page by searching or browsing. Then 'Sign In'. Under 'Personal Tools' at the bottom of the right-side tool bar, click ‘My preferences’ and then select "Skin" and then switch to the 'FamilySearchWiki' option rather than the one that says "default".


  1. To contribute or edit information in the wiki, please use the live wiki site at To doublecheck that you are in the right place to edit, just look at the web address for the page and make sure you do not see "fsbeta" anywhere in the address of the webpage.
  2. You should not edit the wiki by entering it through the Learning Page on the new Beta site( which is pointing to a copy of the wiki (, NOT the live wiki ( If fsbeta appears in the address of the wiki you are on, you are not on the live, real wiki and any edits you make will be lost. To make edits, please go to

Other changes coming soon:

  1. The Learning Page( begin to point to the real wiki( early in the week of 2 August. At that point, it won't matter if you enter the wiki through FamilySearch Beta or by going directly to Updates and new pages will be SAVED and available on This means there will be two entry points into the Research Wiki. First, through the new FamilySearch beta Learning page ( Second, through the current URL for the Research Wiki (
  2. The Learning Page (http://learning.fsbeta.familysearch.or) will receive a new design in the next several weeks.
  3. Eventually, the new FamilySearch beta Learning page will replace the Research Wiki homepage. This is expected to occur at least by the end of this year.

Most of the functionality that is currently in the ResearchWiki Main_Page is also available in the new FamilySearch beta Learning page. We enlist your help in providing feedback about missing or new functionality that needs to be added to the new FamilySearch beta Learning Page. Eventually, the new FamilySearch beta Learning page will replace the Research Wiki Main_Pagebut not today.

Please provide comments through the FamilySearch forums. There is already an existing thread regarding this at so please use that. The sponsoring organization encourages you to use the new FamilySearch beta skins but, if you choose, you can switch back to the blue skins by changing your preferences via ‘My preferences > Skin’.

The following questions were asked during the meeting.

Q. What effect will this have on content? 
It will affect layout, but not content. You will be able to change back in your preferences.
Q. Interlanguage links missing on the Learning page? 
This was discovered and they will be added back.
Q. Are Spanish/Sweden getting reskinned right now? 
Currently just the English.
Q. In the new skin, what does process look like to find/edit my page? 
On the How To page, search for your article, click Edit (which will be at the top), and begin editing.
Q. When we type the URL, will we have to do the https
//? :Just type and we will take care of the protocol.
Q. Will the Forums thread make a difference? 
Don will jump on them quickly.
Q. Sign Out Behavior?
To sign-out you can use either the top right sign-out or the one in the Personal Tools on the bottom right. The behavior of the top right sign-out will take you to the bottom right will sign-out will keep you on the page but sign you out.