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Urgent requests (priority 1)[edit | edit source]

  • Pages, images, categories, etc. may be immediately deleted if they are obscene, offensive, profane, or disruptive. Pages with controversial topics should go through the deletion process.
  • These pages do not adhere to the Wiki Principles and Guidelines.
  • Help links:
  • How to report:
  • Add the {{DeleteASAP}} template
  • Steps to resolve:
  • The {{DeleteASAP}} flag could be added to the whole page or to sections of the page. Add the flag at the top of the page for requests to delete the whole page. Add the flag at the top of the section of a page to request specific sections be deleted. Only the section(s) with the {{DeleteASAP}} flag will be deleted

Deletion requests (3)[edit | edit source]

These are pages that have been flagged to be deleted for reasons other than inappropriate content issues.  Each one will have to be evaluated individually.
These pages may cause accuracy problems in the Wiki, and may not follow the Guidelines.
  • Help links:
  • How to report:
  • Use the appropriate Delete template, based on the type of page, and add an explanation for the deletion request.
  • {{Delete}}
  • {{DeletePortal}}
  • Steps to resolve:
  • Administrators are the only ones who can actually delete the article, once it is flagged.