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See also[edit | edit source]

The Feedback page and the response template to log the feedback activities.

These are the current templates that contain referral links to the feedback page:
{{feedback}}, {{Submit Forms}}, and {{Find help}}

How to respond[edit | edit source]

All feedback comments should be taken seriously and responded to in a timely fashion.

  • Since timeliness is imperative (first impressions to the new user and receptiveness for previous users) every comment should be acknowledged within one day by either answering the question or explaining its current status.
  • Some comments can be answered by those “watching” the page while others may only require reiteration of responses already made on a particular subject.

Still others may require that the comment be directed to someone able to make a decision or to look into the issue more closely (e.g., technical fixes or policy and priority changes). Below is the current list of those who have accepted the responsibility to act as the final say on issues related to their area of expertise or areas of involvement.

  • Follow-up responses should be completed within one week or it should be directed to the appropriate personnel within that first week.
  • If a directed response is not received back within one week of being submitted up the chain of command then it should either be resubmitted a second time (as a reminder) or it should be sent to another appropriate individual (or both).
  • A posted response should be made available on the feedback page within two (2) weeks of it being posted and if possible the submitter should also be e-mailed just in case they are not monitoring (watching) the feedback page.

Note: the internal email system may not be functioning properly at the present time (Feb 2015). This issue has been forwarded to Tech for investigation.

Contact list[edit | edit source]

For the following table, please do not delete previous contact listings. Just add a new person under the appropriate group and mark the previous person as “former” under the status column.

Note: This list is currently (Feb2015) being developed and unless otherwise noted the indicated names are speculative.

Group Person Username Status As of to Date
Governamce Council
Giuseppe Martinengo?
Community Council
Jane Colmenares Evancol current 8 Feb 2015 present

Historical Records
Wiki  Support
LaVera Parris
Family History Centers

Follow-up questions[edit | edit source]

Should appropriate article talk page comments (on a general subject) also be transferred to the Feedback page?

How does one monitor if a talk page comment has been responded to? Does it show up on patrolling?

If patrolling responds I assume it will only show up for users who have the exclamation point displayed with their edits. How are talk page comments by those with privileges monitored?

How to monitor all talk pages in conjunction with the feedback page?

Should SalesForce issues also be referenced on the Feedback page?