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FamilySearch Wiki:An Overview of the Wiki for Missionaries/Teacher's Tips

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All teachers tips will be in italics'.

At the beginning of every lesson ask the Missionaries to put the lesson in another tab so they can follow and use it during the lesson. FamilySearch Wiki:An Overview of the Wiki for Missionaries

Review of the last lesson. What new things did you learn from the Support Hub? Isn't it a great tool?

 Wiki Overview course[edit | edit source]

You had a chance to watch the Wiki Overview. Now lets look at it and discuss each items and go to the Wiki to research others. Click on the link but if the others can hear your sound have them each watch it and then review the four items below

  • Definition and Purpose of the Wiki,
  • Components of a Wiki Article
  • The Structure of the Wiki
  • How to use the Navigation Bar

Navigation[edit | edit source]

One of the most useful tools in the Wiki is the Navigation bar on the right side of this page and the four tabs at the top left of the page. These are on almost all pages in the Wiki. To understand how to use these tools will allow you to search and go to all the main section of the Wiki. We are going through the main tabs and links in the navigation bar and you need to click into the same one I am in and please ask question as we go

Tabs[edit | edit source]

  • The 4Tabs at the left top are (Almost the same as View below) Each has a function on this page. Let us go to the top of the page and view each tab and its use.

Navigation Bar[edit | edit source]

  • Are you new to the Research Wiki? This section is often used to ask questions to gather information. When not in use for special projects it goes to the Main Page.

  • Getting Started First link goes to the Main Page
    Wiki tools
    Find a research page with some thing new for you!
    FamilySearch Wiki:About Us
    Resources for individual help This links to the FamilyHistory Center and All the FamilySearch Centers locator. Also a link and instruction to finding the FamilySearch Center page in the Wiki for your Center. Finally There is a link Online Research Communities on Facebook. The last link is the same as Browse by Country

  • Volunteer and Helpers
    How do we invite help? Many links to helpful pages Review the page. (Teacher note Review any links you feel are useful to missionary at this time)
    Start your Sandbox

  • Views
    Each of these pages are connected to this article page and play a function. The links at the top of the page go to the same pages.

 Homework and Review[edit | edit source]

  • Start you personal sandbox. Suggestions: Use it as a storage for all your other pages. Examples:Other sandbox pages, new pages you are working on, your own User page and links to all the patroling pages and maintenance pages on which you regularly work.
  • Communicate with someone on the team on Yammer
  • Help:Tour Just take a quick look.