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Shhh!!! It’s a secret!!! Have you ever felt that it is difficult to locate the information and help you need to be successful in your family history research? Have you ever thought that the experts know the secret and you don’t? FamilySearch is interested in helping you learn and grow and get the help you need to be successful with your research. Connecting with others when you are in over your head is a great way to get your questions answered, obtain tutoring, and identify individuals whom you might hire when you just want or need someone else to do the work for you.

While having access to records is very important to your success as a genealogist, if you don’t know what records to search, what to do with them after you found them, and many other things, you will not be successful. FamilySearch has brought together in one place three important components to help you successfully find your ancestors.

  1. Easy access to up-to-date information.
  2. Easy access to training opportunities.
  3. Easy access to more experienced individuals.

FamilySearch is working to provide an environment where everyone can learn and improve, from the beginning genealogists to the seasoned professional. This environment is where you get your questions answered, you have easy access to the collective knowledge of the community, and you increase your network by thousands.

Up-to-Date Information[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch believes that one of the most important assets the genealogical community has is what is between our collective ears. Working together, we can create a repository of our collective knowledge which will benefit everyone. Together, everyone achieves more.

The FamilySearch Research Wiki was created to fill this need. It is a place where everyone in the genealogical community can share what they know with the rest of the community. The wiki is fully searchable, so you can find the information you need. You can edit what you see if it needs updated or corrected. Or you can add more information.

With 93,285 and counting, the wiki is a great tool. In some subject areas, the wiki has already become the best place to go for information, due to the incredible efforts of hundreds of people just like you. You can explore a subject and see the history of the articles, including everyone who has contributed. You can also watch articles of interest, so you will be notified when something changes or is added.

Training Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Having access to excellent training opportunities is important to developing your skills. FamilySearch is helping you succeed by assisting you in locating training opportunities which meet your needs. Through a very large community “learning center,” you can locate training on many different subject areas. Classes range from online interactive tutorials to classes you attend in person. Some have instructor interaction, and some are self-paced. Some are for a fee, and others are free. There are many different opportunities available.

Search for classes of interest to you by visiting the FamilySearch “Learning Center” at

Experienced Individuals[edit | edit source]

Since a single individual cannot know everything, it is important to network with other genealogists to expand your access to knowledge and experience. FamilySearch is providing you with access to thousands of individuals world-wide with whom you can network. Often questions which are asked at FamilySearch get replied to by multiple people, including individuals who live in the location that the question is about.

Have you ever thought, “If I could just work with an expert for a month or two, I could learn so much about how to do this.” If you are an expert in an area, you may have thought, “I would love to publish what I know, but I don’t have enough time to produce it.” FamilySearch is working to bring both sides of this equation together for the benefit of all. There is a lot of really interesting work that can be accomplished on very interesting topics if you have a group of individuals with passion about the subject working together. Learning increases for everyone.