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The table below contains the list of presentations to be given by FamilySearch staff members at the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference held in Knoxville, Tennessee, 18-21 August 2010.

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Syllabus Presenter
Strategy for Records Preservation and Access
David Rencher and Frederick Moss
FamilySearch Online Training: Easy Access to Online Genealogy Training
Diane Loosle
Strengthening a Genealogical Society on FamilySearch Wiki
Michael Ritchey
Using FamilySearch Community Tools to Build My Society
Ransom Love
FamilySearch Project X - The New Face of Free Genealogical Research Help
Diane Loosle
FamilySearch Forums - Community Power to Get Answers to Your Research Questions
Michael Ritchey
Magnify the Reach and Impact of Your Society's Expertise
Diane Loosle
Southern States Migration History
David Dilts
How Does a Chief Genealogical Officer Incorporate BCG Standards into FamilySearch Products and Services?
David Rencher
Using the Genealogical Proof Standard for African-American Research
Jim Ison
Southern States Immigration Research
David Dilts
Migration Patterns - An Alternative for Locating African Origins
Jim Ison
Present Your Most Excellent Self - Preparing for the Accreditation Examination
Ruth Maness
Electronic Records Archives - Building the Archives of the Future
David Rencher
What FamilySearch is Doing for Researchers in Tennessee
David Rencher
FamilySearch Wiki, Forum, and Blogs - Tools to Connect and Collaborate with Others
Jim Greene
FamilySearch Tackles the Information Explosion
David Rencher
Community Family Trees
Ray Madsen
Solving Genealogical Problems Using FamilySearch and Its Affiliate Partners
Gordon Clarke
Click, Rip, Print, or Burn - How Can We Preserve Our Society's Records
M. Scott Simkins
Fires, Floods, and Earthquakes - Ensuring That Your Society's Information Will Last for Centuries
M. Scott Simkins
Digitizing the Records in the Granite Mountain
David Ouimette
Bridging the FamilySearch Gap - From the Granite Mountain Vault to RecordSearch
Jim Ericson
Powerful Tips and Tricks for Searching Historical Documents in FamilySearch
Bryce Roper
Research in the British Isles Has Never Been Better - The Genealogical Data Empire on Which the Sun Never Sets!
David Rencher
From Ulster to the Carolinas - The Scots-Irish
David Rencher
Getting Your Records Off the Shelf and onto the Internet--FamilySearch Tools and Success Stories
Ed Donakey
FamilySearch Tools for Genealogy Communities
Diane Loosle
Utah Territorial Records Russell Lynch