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Welcome[edit | edit source]


Would you like to search these records? They aren’t available to be searched yet, but they are being indexed by volunteers around the world right now. If you would like to help index them and make them available faster, keep reading.

The completed index and links to digital images will be freely accessible online to the general public when the collection is published.

This indexing project is a Partner Project with the Michigan Genealogical Council.  We appreciate working with them to get these records indexed so that they will be available to the general public.

Thank you!

FamilySearch indexing[edit | edit source]

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Information about these records[edit | edit source]

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Most of this collection consists of marriage licenses, applications, records, registers, and certificates. The records are arranged by county, then by volume and year range. The form type varies between register style and certificate style. County clerks usually used the same printed form during the same time periods. Marriage records were generally well preserved, although fires, floods, or other disasters may have destroyed some records.

The earliest marriage bonds and licenses were usually handwritten on loose papers that were later bound into lettered volumes. Some marriage records had multiple entries on each page, while others had single records per page..

Key genealogical facts found in Michigan marriage records are:

Name of bride and groom
Date of marriage license
Age of bride and groom
Race of bride and groom
Residence of bride and groom
Birthplace of bride and groom
Name of bride and groom’s father
Occupation of bride and groom
Later records also include the following:

Maiden name of bride and groom’s mother
Number of times previously married
Date of marriage
Place of marriage
Name of person performing the marriage
Witnesses to the marriage
Residence of witnesses

  • This project is recommended for volunteers who are familiar with the indexing process and comfortable using various system features. It is also helpful if volunteers understand the various documents related to marriages.

For more historical information regarding these records, click here.[edit | edit source]

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