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Syllabus for a class taught by Diane C. Loosle, Genealogical Community Services Manager at FamilySearch, for NGS Conference 2010 and FGS Conference 2010.

Have you ever missed a training you really wanted to attend because the time or location was not convenient for you? Are you always looking for new training to use at your society meetings? Do you provide training, but only a small fraction of your members are able to attend? FamilySearch can help you train your members more efficiently and get access to a lot more training material.

The Challenges with Training Today
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There are several issues that make getting the training you need and being able to apply what you have learned difficult. FamilySearch is working to overcome the following issues:

  • Time & Place Sensitive--You have to be at the place when the class is being given.
  • Retention--Instructional experts show that a lecture is one of the least effective means of learning and retaining information. Most genealogical training is lecture.
  • Duplication--Instructors all over the world are recreating the wheel.

What FamilySearch is Doing About It
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FamilySearch is very interested in helping you be successful so we are working to improve upon these problems.

Do You Need to Provide a Training Class?
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You may have been asked to prepare a training class for a local group. Whenever you have to do this, it takes you hours of preparation. Utilize the resources available to you through the “Learning Center” to take away much of your preparation. Follow these steps:
1. Determine your objectives for the class. Think about what you want your audience to be able to know and do when they have completed your class.
2. Search the “Learning Center” and FamilySearch Research Wiki for training content that will help you meet the objectives.
3. Organize the content into pieces that help you make your points.
4. Develop discussion questions and class activities to insert at key points in the lesson.
5. Outline your lesson plan.
6. Develop your handouts or syllabus and make it available in the FamilySearch Research Wiki.
7. Present your class (be sure to give credit to those whose materials you used.

We Need You
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FamilySearch needs you to help us:

  • Spread the word
  • Provide us feedback on the classes we have posted through the feedback links
  • Teachers Wanted--Put your classes online?
    Benefits--Build reputation, Work samples, Reach society members who are at a distance, Reach millions of people through the FamilySearch.org site
    FamilySearch will: Capture them your lecture, Host & Post online, In Salt Lake City? Schedule an appointment. hakesdg@familysearch.org