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Shipping[edit | edit source]

  • The British Mercantile Marine and Fishing Fleets: c.1835 - c.1972 with reference to the Seagoing Naval Reserves by Len Barnett.
  • Fishing Boat Heritage We have a rich heritage in our communities, families and boats which have committed to the UK fishing industry over the past 150 years. Significant records and recollections of the people and their boats exist today. Fishing Boat Heritage has been created to provide a single easily accessed archive before much of this is lost forever.

Passenger Lists – Immigrant Ships - Steamships, Ocean Liners – Historical Archives[edit | edit source]

ShipWrecks[edit | edit source]

  • The Newcastle Weekly Courant (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England)

Friday, February 4, 1887: Issue 11064

(Article provided with permission from Michael Coomber: michaelcoomber@aol.com)

The French barque "Ulysse" arrived at Bahia, on Monday, having on board
some of the crew of the ship "Kapunda" bound for Australia from London, which
was lost at sea, having been run down and sunk by a vessel, name unknown.
The "Kapunda" sailed on December 11th from London for Freemantle, Western
Australia. Click here to read the full story and list of persons involved in the shipwreck.