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Find genealogy records: churches, cemeteries, historical and genealogical societies, libraries, newspapers, city directories and government offices for Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Eau Claire County Seat, Wisconsin.

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Church also known as Second Methodist Episcopal Church, later became the United Methodist Church. Contains members, class records, probationers, marriages, and baptisms.

  • Church records, 1890-1920 [Eau Claire, Wisconsin] United Methodist Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.Early Early church known as Barstow Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Contains record of pastors 1857-1923, members, classes, probationers, pastoral and statistical records, baptisms, marriages, funerals 1909- 1920, and history.
  • Church records, 1893-1947 [Eau Claire, Wisconsin] Epiphany Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Text in English and German. Contains history, baptisms, confirmations, communions, marriages, and burials.
  • Church records, 1897-1958 [Eau Claire, Wisconsin] North Presbyterian Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Also known as Second Presbyterian Church. Contains baptisms 1897-1898, 1917-1945; marriages 1932; deaths 1922- 1957; communicants; elders 1953-1958.
  • Church records, 1898-1914 [Eau Claire, Wisconsin] United Methodist Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Contains history, pastoral and statistical record, probationers, members, baptisms, marriages and includes Rock Falls Church, Mt. Hope Church (Porters Mills), Wheaton, Gower district, Seymour district number one, Altoona, and Lake Hallie.
  • Church records, 1925-1940 [Eau Claire, Wisconsin] First Congregational Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Contains a history, membership record, register of baptisms, and a reserve roll. Early records were destroyed by fire.
  • Church records, 1908-1943 [Eau Claire, Wisconsin] Plymouth United Church of Christ in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Contains lists of officers, baptisms, members received 1908-1930, members removed 1919-1930, non-resident members 1913, marriages 1910- 1931, funerals 1913-1918, charities and expenses 1913-1916, and annual statistics 1913-1931. First volume includes index.
  • Church registers, 1875-1924 [Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Text in Latin. Some volumes include indexes.

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