Denmark Census Strategy

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Searching Census Records. When searching the census records of Denmark, it is important to remember the following:

  • Accept the ages with caution.
  • Women are usually listed by their maiden surnames (until the late 1800's, depending on the individual).
  • By the late 1800's some families started using a "family" surname. This name might be the last name of the head of household, or even the head of households father.
  • Given names may not always be spelled exactly the same or be as complete as those recorded in vital records.
  • Information may be incorrect.
  • Spelling for names and places varies.
  • Pay attention to the occupations.

Search the surrounding area if you do not find a family at the expected address.

When you find your family in one census, be sure to search that same location in the earlier and later census records for additional family members.