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Levying Roll Abbreviations

Abbreviations in Army Levying Rolls[edit | edit source]

Once you understand how to use the Army Levying Rolls of Denmark, and can follow a person through the registration system, the only real obstacle is figuring out the comments and remarks that were written out to the side or below the entry. The comments in the far right column usually refer to which unit and when a person did their required military training. The year is often written with "Sess." meaning the note was made during that year's session. Military units were generally abbreviated.

Sometimes other notes were added such as why a person was not present for military training, why an individual was discharged for health reasons, when he went to another city temporarily, or when he went to prison. Such comments are very interesting for family history but are often abbreviated and described using technical terms.

A list of abbreviations and their meanings for many abbreviated terms found in the Military Levying Rolls was printed into a research booklet by the Danish State Archives (Statens Arkiver.) Another good source is in an article called Lægdsrullevejledning (Directional Guidance to the Levying Rolls) which was printed in a periodical called: Slægten, edition nr. 1, in Jan. of 1990.

The contributors to this project were: Gregers Hvidkjær, previously with the Danish National Archive, who is now with the Regional Archive of Fyn, and Ib Simonsen with the Regional Archive of NørreJylland. The work related to German records was taken from Tyrstrup Herred in Sønderjylland (as recorded 1824 – 32), was contributed by Ester Nørrelykke.

The list does not include common abbreviations such as: gdr. ( gårdejer: a farmer who owns his farm) or hmd. (husmand: a farmer who leases his farm). It may also include some military terms used in later time periods (1912-). Abbreviations were also influenced by regimental abbreviations, and the locality where the levying roll was recorded.

Abbreviation Meaning
A.A. Artillery Division (Afdeling)
A.C. Artillery Corps
Afd. Division (Afdeling)
Afgb. Departure certificate (Afgangsbevis )
Afg. L. Departure List (Afgangs Listen)
Afg. T. Departed to (Afgået Til)
Afs. discharged (Afskediget)
A.P. County Passport (Amtspas)
A. Pas . County Passport (Amtspas)
A.R Artillery Regiment
Art. Artillery
Art. Batl. Artillery Battalion
Atps. County Passport (Amtspas)
Aux. C. Auxiliary Corps
Aux. Rekr. Auxiliary Recruit (German)
B. Battalion
Bal. Battalion
Balp. Ballonparken
Batl. Battalion
Batt. Battery
Batt. Kutsch.Res.

B.Br. Citizen Certificate (Borger Brev)
Beg. Request (begiert, begæret)
Beh. [Legally] Tried (Behandles)
Behl. Hearing (Behandling)
Bl. Blue or Blonde. Found in Schleswig naval rolls and only in connection with other abbreviations, for example: Bl. (Blue eyes), Bl. (Blonde hair) Midl, (middle height).
Bl. Br. Mand In the first levy rolls people are mentioned with this note and they go out of the roll. For the majority it is those who are too old to be in the rolls, about 35-40 years, but also younger, about 25 years, have this expression and are dropped from the roll.
Br. Haar, Bl. Øjne Brown hair, blue eyes. This expression used in Schleswig levy rolls. See under Bl.
B.S. Bornholm’s Naval roll
B.S.L. som O.A. Could mean “should seek doctor who transferred to the county” (Bør Søge Læge som overdrages Amtet). Sometimes written: B.s.L.o.A. Used in connection with the sick (Main roll for Svendborg County, 1821 nr. 86 and several others in that levy roll).
Btk./B.T.K. Battery Coachman (Batterikusk)
C. Company/Corp,
Can. Resl. Chancellery Resolution
Cass. Useless (Cassabel )
Caut. Surety (Caution or Cautionist
Caval. Cavalry
Comd: Commanded
Comp. Company
Com: Serg: Commander Sergent
Const: Constable
C.R. Chancellery Resolution
Cst. Constable
d.t./D.T This year (Dette år)
DL Queen’s Life-Regiment (Dronningens Livregiment)
d.L This levy district (dette Lægd [s])
DLR Queen’s Life-Regiment (Dronningens Livregiment)
Drag. 5 Rgt. Dragoon 5th Regiment
Dress: Artill. Trained (Dresseret) Artillery
Dri. Drieberg, Carl Aug. Vilh., 1750- 1825. Land and war commissioner after 1794 General War Commissioner (see Biographical Dictionary).
Dron. The Queen’s (Dronningens)
Dron. L.R. The Queen’s Life-Regiment (Dronningens Livregiment)
Eft. After (Efter)
Ei. m.s.T. Not met the same condition
E.K. 1 Troops for naval defense (Mandskab til sovæmet)
E.K. 2 Guardsman (Gardere)
E.K. 3 Cavalry and artillery’s transport constables
E.K. 4 Engineers, Artillery constables, and tradesmen
E.K. 5 Here detail those liable for military Service who are not included in the other categories.
ER. Extra Roll
Erkl. Explanation (Erklæring)
erl . payed (erlagt
E.T.V. Sworn Court Witness (Eedeligt Tings Vidne)
Ex: Skolen Drill School (Eksercer Skolen)
Ext. Sess. Extra Session
Extr Extra
F.B. Moving Certificate (Flyttebevis)
F.G Foot Guards (Fod Garder)
f.L . From Levy District (fra Længd)
f.L. 13 No. 17 From Levy District 13, no. 17
F.l.R. Falster or Fyn Infantry Regiment
Fl. Bev. Moving Certificate (Flytte Bevis)
Forl. Bondsman (Forlover, the same as Cautionist)
F.R. Fyn Regiment
f.R. previous roll (forrige Rulle)
Fra 1’del The person transferred from the land [army] roll (1’del) to the naval roll (2’del)
Fra 2’del The person transferred from the naval roll (2’del) to the land [army] roll
frfl. Moved away (fraflyttet)
Frstkn. Reinforcements (Forstærkningen)
f.S./F.S. Delivery Note (Følgeseddel)
f.T. At present (for Tiden
f.T. utjstd. At present unfit for duty (for Tiden utjenstdygtig)
Følges: (Følgeseddel)
Gard. Guard
G.B.E.S. Farming Widow’s Son (Gård Brug Enkes Søn or Gårdbrugende Enkes Søn)
G.H. Guard Hussar
GI. M.S. Old man’s son (Gammel Mands Søn)
Gmd. Farmer (Gårdmand)
Gmds Pas Farmer’s Passport (Gårdmand Pas)
G.M.P.S. Old man’s foster son (Gammel Mands Plejesøn)
Grdb. Enkes Søn Farming widow’s son (Gårdbrug Enkes Søn)
G.t. F. Guards on Foot (Garder til Fods)
G.u. Go out (Går ud)
H.paa Right (Høyre)
H.l.R. Holstein Infantry Regiment
Hkorn Hartkorn (A Danish unit of land valuation)
HLR Holstein Regiment and Holstein Lancer Regiment. Can also mean: Holstein Life-Regiment (?)
Hmd. Cottager (Husmand)
Holst: Holstein
Holst. 3. Reg. Holstein Infantry Regiment
HR. Main Roll (Hoved Rulle)
HRDom Highest Court Judgement (Højeste Rets Dom)
H.R.R. Holstein Cavalry Regiment (Holstenske Rytter Regiment
Hsmd. Cottager (Husmand)
Htk/Htkr Hartkorn (A Danish unit of land valuation)
Hus: Regt: Hussar Regiment
I F In company (I Følge)
Indf. Lay claim (Indfordres or Indfordring)
Inf. Infantry
Inf. Ex. Sk. Infantry Drill School (Infantriets Exercer Skole)
I.B. Infantry Battalion
I.R. Interims Roll
IR Infantry Regiment
I Res I the Reserves
I St. R. In Original Roll (I Stam Roll) [also the name of a regiment]
J.C. Hunter Corps (Jægerkorpset)
J.1.R.2’ 2nd Jutland Infantry Regiment
J.I.R. Jutland Infantry Regiment (Jydske Infanteri Regiment)
J. Mst. Justice Ministry (Justitsministeriet)
J.R.2’ 2nd Jutland Regiment
Kass.att. Rejection Certificate (Kassationsattest )
Kbh. Inf. R. Copenhagen Infantry Regiment
Kong: Rgt:/ Kong: R: The King’s Regiment
K.P.R Crown Prince’s Regiment
Kr: King’s [Regiment]
K.R. The crown or king’s Regiment (Kronens/Kongens Regiment), in some cases War’s Reserve (Krigs Reserven)
Krg. Res. War’s Reserve
Kr. Min. Res (Resol ) War Ministry’s Resolution (Krigsministeriets Resolution)
Kron. R. The Crown’s Regiment (Kronens Regiment)
Kystml. Coastal Militia (Kystmilits)
Lands. Rural Soldier (Landsoldat)
Langl. B. Langeland Battalion
L.B Line Battalion (Linie Bataljon)
Ldno. Drawing-Lot Number (Lodtrækningsnummer)
L.D./L. Drag. Rural Dragoon (Landdragon)
Lds./Ldsd. Rural Soldier (Landsoldat)
Legit. Legitimizes (Legitimerer)
Lett. I.B. Lette Infantry Battalion
L.I.B. Line Infantry Battalion/Lolland Infantry Battalion/Lette Infantry Battalion, depending on where in the country where the abbreviation is used.
Lin. Bat Line Battalion
L.J.C. Langeland [cavalry] Hunter Corps (Langelandske Jæger Corps)
L.M.H. Levy district assistant (Lægdmandshjælp)
L.R. 1 Life-Regiment (Actually the Queen’s Life-Regiment)
L.R. 2 Rural Cavalry (Land Rytter
L. Rytter Rural Cavalry (Land Rytter)
Ls./L.S. Rural Soldier (Landsoldat)
L.S.K.P.R. Rural Soldier Crown Prince’s Regiment (Land Soldat Kron Prinsens Regiment)
Ltno. Drawing-Lot Number (Lodtrækningsnummer)
Lægds Sv. Levy District Responsibility (Lægds Svar)
M.1823 May 1823
M. Dark (Mørkt). Found in Schleswig sea rolls and only in connection with other abbreviations. See examples under B.
M. 1 Military Laborers with the navy
M.2 Catering Corps Troops (Forplejningskorpsets mandskab)
M.3 Horse Caretakers and cart drivers (Hestepassere og køresvende)
M. 4 Remaining military laborers (Øvrige Militærarbejdere)
Midl. Middle. Found in Schleswig naval rolls and only in connection with other abbreviations. See examples under B
m.s.T. In connection with “Not”: present same condition (mødt samme Tilstand )
Nat. National [soldier]
N.L.R. Norwegian Life-Regiment (Norsk Liv Regiment)
n.S. Next session
o.A. Transferred to the county
O.I.R. Oldenburg Infantry Regiment
Oldb. Reg. Olden burg Regiment.
Opdaget 1811 Discovered 1811. Means that the person had not previously been reported in the levy rolls and that in 1811 they discovered him and recorded him with that notation.
Opl. Information (Oplysning)
Ovcpl./Overc. Supernumerary (Overcomplet)
P.C.R. Prince Christian’s Regiment
P.F.R. Prince Frederik’s Regiment
P.R.I.R. Prince Frederik’s Infantry Regiment
Pgfgr. Index Finger (Pegefinger)
Plt. B: Fødder Flat footed both feet (Platfodet begge Fødder)
Plfd. Foster father (Plejefader)
Plovdr: Hmd. Plow-driving cottager (Plovdrivende Husmand)
Pr. att. Priest’s attest
Pr. F.R. Prince Frederik’s Regiment
Pr. og Skol. Attest n.S. Priest and School teacher attest next session
Prot. Record (Protokol)
P.T. On time (På Tiden
R. Regiment/Recruit/Cavalry (Regiment)/Rekrut/Rytter)
R.20 The person in 1820 was in the service of his regiment. Many times it is written with red color.
Rec. Recruit
Reg./Regt./ Regtet. Regiment
Regt. Sk. s.d. Regiment Letter of the same date (Regimentets Skrivelse samme dato)
Resl./Resol. Resolution
Rgt. Regiment
Rol. Roll
R.R. Calvary Regiment (Rytter Regiment)
Rug. Amt Rugaard’s County
S. Soldier/Session
S. 1810 The person was a soldier in 1810.
s.d. Same date.
Ses./Sess. Session
Siel. R.R. Sjælland Calvary Regiment (Sjællandske Rytter Regiment)
Siell. Sk. Sjælland Shooting Corps (Sjællandske Skyttekorps)
S.i.F. Solder in the Reinforcements (Soldat i Forskærkningen)
Siæl. Sk.C. Sjælland Shooting Corp
S.J.C./S.I.C. Sjælland Hunter Corps (Sjællandske Jæger Corps)
S.J.R./S.I.R. Schleswig/Sjælland Infantry Regiment
Sjell. Sjælland
Skarpsk. C. Sharpshooter Corps
Skol. School teacher
Skr., efter According to letter (efter Skrivelse)
Sksk.C. Sharpshooter Corps (Skarpskytte Corps)
S.L. Naval recruitment district (sølimit)
S.L.R. Sjælland [Calvary] Regiment/ Sjælland Lancer Regiment
Sl. Reg. Schleswig [Infantry] Regiment
S.M. Samme Mål (same objective)
S.M.S. Weak man’s son
S.R.R. Sjælland Calvary Regiment (Sjællandske Ry tter Regiment)
Ss. Session
S.S.J.C. Muster roll Sjælland Hunter Corps (Stamrulle Sjællandske Jæger Corps)
s.T./s.T. The same condition (same Tilstand)
st. standing (stående)
St. H./st: Hær Standing army (stående Hær)
St. R.1 The City’s [Copenhagen] rol l
St. R. 1/Str.,i In the muster roll [of a regiment]
S.T.t.t.T. Same condition able to serve as transport driver (Samme Tilstand tjenlig til Trænkusk)
s.u.C. set under Court (sættes under Cur)
Sæll Sjælland
Søev: Comd. Accustomed to the sea Commanded (Søvant Commanderet)
T.D. Able for service (Tjenestedygtig)
Til 2’del Person transferred to naval rolls (2’del) from the land rolls (1’del)
Til 1’del Person transferred from the land rolls (1’del) to the naval rolls (2’del)
Till Permission (Tilladelse
T.K Transport driver (Trænskusk)
Trk. Transport driver/Transport Constable (Trænkusk/ Trænkonstabel)
Trkdsk. Transport driver (Trænkusk)
t.S. To the session (til Sessionen)
T. Sk. Registered Deed (Tinglæst Skøde)
Tstd. Condition (Tilstand)
tstd. Able for service (Tjenestedygtig)
t.t. Cav. Fit for Cavalry (Tjenlig til Cavalleriet)
t.t. Cav. Ltrno. Fit for Cavalry Draw-Lot Number (Tjenlig til Cavalleriet Lodtrækningsnummer
t.t. Const./ Cst. Fit for Constable
t.t. Inf. Ltrnr./ t.t. If. Ltrnr. Fit for Infantry Draw-Lot Number (Tjenlig til Infantriet Lodtrækningsnummer)
t.t. M.A. 3 Fit for M.A. 3 (see that abbreviation) Draw-Lot Number
T.t./t.t.Trk./ Trkdsk. Fit for Transport Driver
T.V. Court Witnes s
Ucf./U. conf. Unconfirmed
Udpas Incompetency Pass (Udygtighedspas)
Udress. Untrained (Udresseret)
Uds: Postponement (Udsættelse)
Udsk Drafted (Udskrevet)
Udbl. Absence (Udeblivelse)
udt. Served his time (udtjent)
Udth. Pas Incompetency Pass (Udygtighedspas)
Udt. Sold. Served his time Soldier (udtjent Soldat)
uh. Unhindered (uhinderlig)
U.R Youth Roll (Ungdoms Rullen)
utingl. Not registered in court (utinglæst)
U.t.M. Unfit for military service (Uegnet il Militærtjeneste)
Uts. Unfit/Incompetent/Incapable as soldier (Uegnet/Udygtig/Uduelig til Soldat)
Uts. s.s. Trk. Unfit as soldier able for transport driver (Uegnet til Soldat tjenlig til Trænkusk)
Utspas Unable to serve pass (Utjenstdygtighedspas)
V,paa West [Venstre]
V.B. Exchanging Terms (Vilkårbytning)
V. og B. Water and Bread (Vand og Brød
Vpl./Vpls. Compulsory Service Law (Værnepligtsloven)

References[edit | edit source]

Slægten, edition nr. 1, in Jan. of 1990

Statens Arkiver. Lægdsruller - Forkortelser. Denmark: Landsarkivet for Sjælland Lolland-Falster & Bornholm, 2005