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Date Calculator

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Calculating Birth Dates[edit | edit source]

We all know that having birth dates helps us to complete the information for our ancestors and birth dates many times are much harder to find the further back you go. But many times we at least have the date of death with the age listed in Years-months-days.

This information can be found on

  • death records
  • old cemetery stones
  • church record
  • possibly Obituaries

So how does one calculate the date to get as close as possible? By using a Date Calculator.

The way to use it is to put in the date of death. Subtract the number of Years, Months, and Days, then push the calculate button. The answer is under the lower left corner under the colored box.

If for some reason you have the Date of Birth and have the number of Years, Months, and Days when died you would put in Add then calculate the date of death.

The Following example of a Date Calculator is on the Date and time web page. The link is just below the calculator, go to it and do your own calculating of Dates.

Date calculator.PNG

On line Date calculator Date Calculator website