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Military records could be of value to researchers whose ancestors served in the Austrian military. Major collections in the Vienna War Archives have been filmed and are available through the Family History Library. Most of these records are not usable unless the regiment to which the ancestor belonged can be determined from some other source. However, there is an index of officers and the regiment is not needed to use this index. For the introduction to the Austrian Military Records click here.

To begin your research in the military records and to familiarize yourself with various record sets available it is suggested that you read an article by Carl Kotlarchik A Guide for Locating Military Records for the Various Regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This article can be accessed here.

For more information about military records specific to the Czech Republic click here.

Czech Personnel Sheets [Grundbuchblätter Diverse] contain valuable information generally for soldiers born between 1800-1864 in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (now Czech Republic). Files are arranged in two alphabetical sequences (Diverse and Diverse I). Each is arranged alphabetically by surname and given name. Data shown includes year of birth, place of birth, a personal description, and record of service. Family relationships or names are not shown in these records. Only the beginning surname is shown for each film. This same surname may also be found at the end of the previous film. The information in these two sets does not appear to be duplicated; therefore, it is recommended to check both sets.

Czech Personnel Sheets are available through the Family History Library. Click here to see the records description including microfilm numbers. Copies of these rolls of microfilm can be borrowed through your nearest Family History Center for a nominal fee.

For in-depth information about the Austrian military, visit the following site Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918

Note: After 1802 the term of military service was reduced to 10 years, but many were still exempt. In 1868 a universal conscription went into effect. Every male citizen was obligated to serve 3 years of active duty in the military.

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