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Croatia Military Records

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  • Many recent documents (post 1867) were claimed by modern successor nations of the Empire
  • Most military records are under the guardianship of the Wiener Kriegsarchiv in Vienna, Austria. Kriegsarchiv documents are divided into two large record groups:
    • Central Command
    • Individual Units

Records of the Central Command[edit | edit source]

Commissions[edit | edit source]

1466-1866, containing commissions, instructions, appointments and information concerning military service (complete with biography).

Nobility Grants[edit | edit source]

1636-1753, these grants, which involved the bestowal of certain rights, were received for distinguished service or valor, or for thirty years of service.

Vital Certificates[edit | edit source]

A small but indexed collection of birth, marriage and death certificates.

Wills[edit | edit source]

1639-1771, this collection is incomplete yet indexed, and is arranged chronologically.

Pension and Assistance Records[edit | edit source]

Accessed by unit designation (regiment):

  • Pensions 1749-1922
  • Invalid Office 1723-1803
  • Orphans’ Commission 1702-1770
  • Soldier Orphans 1770-1870

Army Rank and Regiment Schematics[edit | edit source]

1583-1849, record continue commission records and include decorations, orders and sometimes death dates.

Payment Books[edit | edit source]

1753-1819, documents pension records, wages, and salary data, with supplementary biographical data. Completely indexed.

Marriage Bonds[edit | edit source]

1750-1918, officers less in rank that Lt. General, use as a supplement to regular muster lists, contains officer’s name, name of spouse, spouse’s place or origin, and occasionally spouse’s parents. Records are completely indexed.

Military School Records[edit | edit source]

Biographies of students:

  • Marine-Akademe 1802-1918
  • Kriegsschule Wien 1871-1914

Military Court Records[edit | edit source]

  • Courts of Vienna 1753-1869
  • Graz 1784-1849
  • Invalidenhaus Wien 1805-1860
  • Pettau 1760-1859

All series contain valuable probate information. Some are indexed.

Records of Individual Units[edit | edit source]

Muster Rolls[edit | edit source]

1740-1820, name of soldier, place of birth, age, religion, learned occupation and marital status. After 1770 includes names of dependent children. Arranged by unit.

Foundation Books[edit | edit source]

1820-1918, local continuation of the muster rolls, running census of soldiers and their needs, records were updated annually.

Service Records[edit | edit source]

1823-1918, supplement muster and foundation books, arranged alphabetically.

Records of the Navy[edit | edit source]

1760-1918, materials are identical to Army records, most de-accessioned to Croatia. Access by unit.

Parish Registers of Individual Units[edit | edit source]

What you would expect.