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Guide to Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County ancestry, genealogy and family history, birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

Church Records[edit | edit source]

  • Church records, 1858-1946 [Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin] Notre Dame Catholic Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Also called Notre Dame des Chutes, St. Mary's, Assumption B.M.V., and Our Lady of the Falls. Earliest register includes various missions and stations in the area. Text in English, French, and Latin.

Most volumes include index.

  • Church records, 1869-1939 [Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin] The Trinity United Methodist Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin contains history, probationer records 1870-1910, class records, list of members, baptisms, marriages, deaths 1928-1937, and History of the First Methodist Church.
  • Church records, 1883-1935 [Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin] Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin contains baptisms 1894-1935; confirmations 1883-1935; marriages 1879- 1908, 1919-1933; deaths 1879-1911, 1919-1935; communions 1898-1911, 1919-1932; members, transfers and church activities 1898-1927, also includes History of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church the text is in English and Norwegian.
  • Church records, 1890-1942 [Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin] First United Presbyterian Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, originally named Old School Presbyterian Church and now known as First United Presbyterian Church, contains roll of pastors 1920-1937, communicants 1942, baptisms 1890- 1942, marriages 1909-1942, members 1908, deaths 1909-1942, session minutes 1890-1908, and history.
  • Church register and record, 1907-1923 [Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin] The Church of Christ, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin contains alphabetical list of members, registers of elders, deacons, ministers, baptisms 1921, deaths 1893-1922, marriages 1922, history, and minutes.
  • Kirchenbuch der Chippewa Mission der Evanglischen Gemeinschaft zu Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, 1864-1931 The Zion Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, also known as Zion Church and now known as Zion United Methodist Church, contains history, list of officers 1897-1927, list of members 1894-1926, register of statistics 1874-1931, baptisms 1864-1926, weddings 1873-1926. Text in English and German.
  • Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls, Zion Lutheran Church records, 1862-1881, 1899-1950 Zion's Lutheran Church in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Contains baptisms 1862-1864, 1868-1881, 1899-1950; confirmations 1869- 1875, 1877-1881, 1899-1950; marriages 1868-1881, 1899-1950; deaths 1866-1881, 1899-1950; communicants 1869-1881; list of members 1899; and history. Text in English and German.

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