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Chief Penato

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He was the brother of chief Rocky Boy. In some ways chief Penato was a bit more important than his brother Rocky Boy. While chief Rocky Boy was prone to deal with the United States in a peaceful manner, his brother Penato was quite the defiant leader. After the Chippewa's were forced to relocate from southwestern Montana to the region between East Glacier, Kiowa, St. Mary, and Babb, Mt on the Blackfeet Reservation in November of 1909, chief Penato became the principle Chippewa leader. He commenced to lead diasporas off the Reservation. He was captured and confined to Fort Assiniboine Military Reservation. While there or even well before actually being forced to live there, chief Penato requested that the fort be set aside as a Reservation for the Chipewa's. Many people don't know that. Penato may have been responsible for the eventual establishment of the Rocky Boy Reservation. Chief Penato appears to have known he would die an early death. He told a companion that if he returned to the Blackfeet Reservation he would die within a week or two. That is exactly what happened to this fascinating Native American leader. Chief Penato is not only important to the Rocky Boy Reservation, he is also important to the Blackfeet Reservation.