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I have created this subcategory to link to main pages for each religion. See what I have done for the Mennonite religion.

Your Mennonites page would fit well in the Category:Mennonites that already exists under the topic Category:Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups. Also, some of the other religions you mentioned today in the meeting are already under that topic.

Please consider adding the Category:Mennonites to your page, and perhaps even letting the Category:Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups replace your Religion category because it is a more all-encompassing topic than religion alone. As a general rule, the broadest possible categories are the better choices for being on the Browse by topic menu. DiltsGD 23:16, 16 February 2010 (UTC)

Categorizing groups together can lose them. The whole reason that I started the Religion group was that I didn't bother looking under "Ethnic" in the browse by topic. To me, a religion has no relationship with ethnicity, but that may be me. First words in any line are what catches the eye. I think this whole topic of how we categorize things in topics is worthy of a further discussion. I'll see if there is a thread in the forums and if not, I'll start one.