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This template flag should be added to a page or a section of a page in the wiki that is believed to contain copyrighted material and is a candidate for deletion.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  • All Wiki users can add or remove the Copyright flag.
  • Add this Copyright flag to a page by typing {{Copyright}}
  • When the flag is added to a page, the user might also consider adding details related to the copyright concerns.
  • Sections of a page could have the Copyright flag, or the flag could be added to the whole page.

Monitoring[edit | edit source]

  • Monitor the pages with the Copyright flag by selecting the option to Watch this category page.
  • Currently the Administers are required to monitor the usage of this flag.
  • Moderators may choose to help monitor the Copyright flagged pages.
  • Pages and/or Sections of a page with the Copyright flag should be resolved within one week. Contact the original author for assistance in resolving the Copyright flagged content. If the content flagged with the Copyright flag is not resolved within one week, the content should be deleted.

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