Buying, Borrowing, or Searching a Book

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The Family History Library does not loan or sell the books in its collection. If you want to buy, borrow, or remotely search a book that is mentioned in the FamilySearch Catalog, consider the following.

Purchase a Book[edit | edit source]

  • Order a copy of the book through your local bookstore.
  • Search or a similar online site to locate a copy you can buy.  (Here you can search 80,000 booksellers world wide for new, used, rare and out of print books.)
  • Contact the author directly, if the book was self-published. (The author's address will sometimes appear on the title page or mayby the front of the book.  A local genealogical or historical society in the area where the author published the book may know how to contact the author.) 
  • Search to see if a copy of the book is available for sale.
  • Search

Borrow a Book[edit | edit source]

  • Check to find a library near you which has the book available for checkout.
  • Visit your local public or academic library and ask them to request an interlibrary loan copy from another library. Print out the FamilySearch Catalog's page containing the title's bibiographic information.  Take the printout to your local public or academic library and complete a request for an interlibrary loan. The Family History Library does not participate in the interlibrary loan system but many libraries do.
  • If the book you want to see is in the FamilySearch Catalog, you can request that the book be digitized.  Books that are not currently copyrighted, or if the library has the permission of the copyright holder, it can be digitized.  You can request a book be digitized by sending the information in an e-mail to  This process can take several months. (See also Wiki article "How to Obtain Books Listed in the FamilySearch Catalog") 
  • If a book in the FamilySearch Catalog has Film Notes in the upper right corner, it can be viewed on microfilm at a family history center.  See Wiki arcticle, "Introduction to Family History Centers." Be sure to call to verify the hours of operation since the center is staffed by volunteers and the hours sometime vary.

Search a Book Remotely[edit | edit source]

Access over 36,000 digitized Family History Library books online.