Brandenburg Jurisdictions

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Jurisdictions in Brandenburg[edit | edit source]

Villages and families from Brandenburg historically have experienced many jurisdictional changes. In searching for a place in Brandenburg the researcher may have to consider localities outside of Brandenburg, since affiliation to county, church, administration etc. was placed with Pomerania, Saxony, Silesia, Bohemia-Czech territories, Poland, Sachsen-Anhalt or Mecklenburg. If archival materials cannot be located, these references should be kept in mind.

See also: FamilySearch Catalog: Historisches Ortsverzeichnis für Brandenburg or Historisches Ortslexikon für die Niederlausitz, call number 943.15 E3Lr

Familienforschung in Mitteldeutschland call number 943.B2mf, Jahrgang 47 Heft 2, Apr/Jun 2006, "Brandenburgs wechselnde Grenzen als Forschungshindernis"