Albersweiler B.A. Bergzabern, Bayern (Pfalz), Germany

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Church Records:[edit | edit source]


Film numbers for Catholic parish of Albersweilerin FamilySearch Catalog.  Some Lutheran entries are also included in the Catholic parish.


Erected as a Lutheran parish in 1537 and transformed in 1589 into a Reformed church. From 1589-1704 Lutherans included in Nussdorf parish, and from 1704 to 1736 in Annweiler. Lutheran records in Albersweiler begin in 1736. Kasualien also performed at times by the Catholic priest. Included in the parish: Amt Neukastel with Albersweiler, Frankweiler (until 1764), Ilbesheim, Leinsweiler and Queichhambach, since 1768 Herrschaft Scharfeneck with Albersweiler, Bindersbach. Dernbach. St. Johann and Ramberg, and the Palatinate localities of Eusserthal and Gräfenhausen.

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Albersweiler Reformed church records begin in 1607. Erected as a Reformed parish in 1589. From 1635 - 1779 suspended and during this time was affiliated with Frankweiler. Kasualien often performed by the Catholic priest. Included in the parish: Initially only Albersweiler, but after 1779 also Dernbach, St. Johann, and Ramberg and at times also Eusserthal. Furthermore, entries from Leinsweiler, Queichhambach and Gutleuthof.

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