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Ainsworth, Sherman County, Oregon Genealogy

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A locality just East of the mouth of Deschutes River. It has had several names. In 1909 the Harriman railroad system began the construction of a line south from the Columbia River up the Deschutes Canyon into central Oregon, and the construction was carried on by the Des Chutes Railroad Company. The point of departure from the main line of the Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company was called Deschutes Junction. The junction was about a mile and a half east of the station called Deschutes, now Miller. When the railroads reached central Oregon, a station Deschutes was established a few miles north of Bend. This called for new names for the older stations, so Deschutes was changed to Miller and Deschutes Junction was changed to Sherman, because it was in Sherman County. The change to Sherman was made in 1912. This name later caused confusion with other stations named Sherman in Oregon and elsewhere, so in Oct. 1930, the station was renamed Ainsworth. This was in honor of Captain John C. Ainsworth, one of Oregon's most prominent pioneer citizens. He was the leading spirit in the founding of the Oregon Steam Navigation Company. FamilySearch Catalog