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Conscription Lists[edit | edit source]

Research use: Hard to research because lists are arranged chronologically by district. However, they serve as a census substitute for males.

Record type: Military record of conscripts

General: Lists of those being called up for military service. Drafting of selected groups began earlier but as of January 1, 1874, all 21 year-old males were subject to military service. Conscription occurred each year in October. Initially, the term of service was 6 years active and 9 years reserve. The length of active duty was reduced to 5 years in 1876 and then varied between 3-5 years thereafter. Deferments were granted for only sons, sole breadwinners, etc. Over 50 percent of the draftees were not inducted.

Time period: 1874-1918.

Contents: Name of draftee, birth date, religion, marital status, literacy; later lists include names of father and brothers, and the brother’s ages.

Location: State archives.

Population coverage: 15-40% depending on period of time.

Reliability: High.

Conscription lists in the FamilySearch Catalog[edit | edit source]

Aleksandrapol′ district[edit | edit source]

Ėchmiadzin district[edit | edit source]

Surmalu district[edit | edit source]

World War I (1914-1918)[edit | edit source]

  • Памяти героев Беликой войны WWI 1914-1918 (https://gwar.mil.ru/), text in Russian. Database of war heroes.
  • The First World War, 1914-1918 (https://1914.svrt.ru/), text in Russian. Database of soldiers.